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CAPP ExpellPlus Individually Wrapped Tips

CAPP Individually Wrapped Tips – Your Trusted Solution for Sensitive Samples

Sterile Liquid Handling Tools

Welcome to CAPP Individually Wrapped Tips – designed for scientists working with the utmost precision on sensitive samples. Each tip adheres to the most stringent aseptic requirements and is thoughtfully supplied in sterile packaging, ensuring unparalleled purity and reliability. Manufactured from CAPP’s unique plastic polymer composition, these tips minimize sample adhesion, maximizing tip hydrophobicity and delivering superior accuracy and reproducibility across various pipetting cycles.

Features That Set Us Apart

Experience the exceptional features of CAPP ExpellPlus Individually Wrapped Tips:

1. Sterility Assurance and Purity:

Our tips are certified free of common biological contaminants, including Endotoxins, DNA, DNases, RNases, and PCR inhibitors. With each tip individually wrapped and securely sealed, you can be confident in the purity of your samples.

2. Superior Volume Accuracy and Reproducibility:

Depend on consistent and dependable pipetting results with our tips’ superior volume accuracy and reproducibility. No matter the application, you can trust in the precision of your pipetting.

3. Versatility in Volume Capacities:

Our tips come in a range of volume capacities (10/200/1000-1250 µL), catering to a variety of common pipetting applications. Whether it’s microliter or milliliter volumes, we have you covered.

4. Trackable Batch Numbers and Expiration Dates:

For transparency and accountability, each individual wrap carries trackable batch numbers and expiration dates, ensuring you have complete visibility over your tip supply.

5. Universal Compatibility:

Enjoy seamless compatibility with CAPP’s extensive range of pipettes, as well as pipettes from other leading brands. Our tips integrate effortlessly into your existing pipetting setup.

Elevate Your Liquid Handling Precision

With CAPP Individually Wrapped Tips, you can rest assured that your sensitive samples are in the best hands. Experience the convenience, sterility, and unmatched accuracy of our tips, backed by CAPP’s dedication to excellence. Whether you’re conducting research, diagnostics, or any other critical work, trust in CAPP to deliver dependable and reproducible results every time. Upgrade your liquid handling precision today!

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Capp ExpellPlus Individually Wrapped Tips

Assuring greatest purity standards

free from Endotoxin, DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitor.


Four volume sizes

10 µL standard and extended length, 200 µL and 1000 - 1250 µL


Universally compatible

with the majority of pipette brands available on the market.


Unique composition of plastic polymer

the inner surface is more hydrophobic, which significantly reduces sample adhesion.


Cat. No.Description
5030012CExpellPlus 10 µL, sterile, clear, bag, 5x400 pcs. Individually wrapped tips
5030042CExpellPlus 10/20 µL XL, sterile, long, clear, bag, 5x400 pcs. Individually wrapped tips
5030072CExpellPlus 200 µL, sterile, clear, bag, 5x400 pcs. Individually wrapped tips
5130132CExpell 1000 µL (1250 µL), sterile, clear, bag, 5x200 pcs. Individually wrapped tips

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