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Pipette tip refill system

Triple savings with Expell Pipette Tip Refill System

Triple savings with Expell Pipette Tip Refill System

Capp Expell pipette tip refill system is cost efficient and extremely easy to use. Available in 4 sizes (10µl short and long, 200µl and 1000-1250µl), Expell pipette tip refill system comes in handy packs of 5 or 10 trays, depending on the size of the tip. The packs have a footprint corresponding to a single rack with 96 tips and take as less bench space as only possible.

Save on the shipping cost!

Expell pipette tip refill system will save on your shipping cost, no matter the distance to your supplier. The shipping companies usually convert the volume (or the bulkiness) of the package into kilograms to be able to compare it with the actual weight of the package, see which value is higher and charge accordning to this. Tips are a great example of a product, where the volume is the crucial factor deciding on the shipment cost rather than the weight.
In example, a standard case with 9.600 tips occupays ca. 0.084 cbm whereas the same quantity of tips packed in the Expell pipette tip refill system requires only 0.021 cbm. This means you save up to 75% of the volume being shipped and paid for.

Save on the time and labour to refill your racks!

Manual refilling of the boxes can take up to a couple of minutes per rack, whereas with Expell pipette tip refill system it can be done in seconds. Simply take the tips tray from the top of the refill tower and put it into the empty rack. Job done.

Save on the plastic waste!

With Expell pipette tip refill system there is basically no plastic waste at all. Refill tower consisting of 5 or 10 trays with 96 tips each is packed in a recyclable paper carton. Thanks to the pipette tip refill system you are re-using your empty racks, bringing the plastic waste to the very minimum. Expell pipette tip refill system is fully compatible with all Capp racks of filter and non filter tips. In case you don’t have any empty racks of Capp tips, you can purchase them as an accessory to Expell pipette tip refill system. Both the tips and the racks are autoclavable.

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Easy to use

Very convenient compared to some of the other reloading systems available



The most cost effective solution compared to bulk or racked systems



Save considerable bench space and minimize your downtime


Eco friendly

Save substantially on plastic consumption and shipping costs. Reuse your empty tip racks permanently