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CAPPRondo Hot Plate Stirrer

The latest version of the excellent CAPPRondo hot plate stirrer is packed with a ton of features designed to give life scientists the edge in their lab work. From an updated motor to a new composite body, the CAPPRondo hotplate stirrer has been refreshed from the inside out. This compact hotplate stirrer is designed to offer improved performance over the previous generation while offering class leading features at an affordable price. Read on to get an overview of the CAPPRondo hotplate stirrer’s brand-new features.

Hot Plate Stirrer with excellent thermal performance

The new and improved CAPPRondo hot plate stirrer features a long-lasting, nano-crystalline glass ceramic top plate with excellent heating for liquids of up to 20 liters in volume. Crafted to offer extra flexibility, the new CAPPRondo hotplate stirrer offers 6 heating modes (i.e., H0-H5) effectively doubling the number of heating modes from the previous model. This allows users of the CAPPRondo hotplate stirrer to have finer control over their heating and stirring procedures within a temperature range of 5-550°C and an accuracy of ±1°C. For extra thermal control, the CAPPRondo hotplate stirrer is supplied with an ultra-sensitive temperature sensing probe (with stand) and a safe temperature circuit cut off feature (575°C).

Hotplate Stirrer with a new composite fiber body

The most visually striking update to the new CAPPRondo hotplate stirrer is the shift to a freshly minted, IP 21 rated composite fiber body that is designed to withstand some of the toughest lab conditions. By transitioning away from the die cast body featured in the previous model, the new CAPPRondo hotplate stirrer’s composite fiber body features excellent chemical resistance as well as an exceptionally low heat transfer rate. This means that your new hot plate stirrer from CAPP can last longer for enhanced productivity and greater peace of mind. Additionally, the new CAPPRondo hotplate stirrer is 10% lighter than the previous generation while maintaining a compact form factor that takes up very little workbench real estate.

Hot Plate Stirrer powered by a new servo motor

For better mixing control, the latest CAPPRondo hot plate stirrer features a powerful and power efficient servo DC motor. This new and improved motor affords the CAPPRondo hotplate stirrer run times of up to 999 minutes in timed mixing runs. For continuous mixing, the servo DC motor on the new CAPPRondo hotplate mixer features an infinity mode that can run for an exceptionally long time. This brand-new motor also powers the CAPPRondo hotplate stirrer’s clockwise-counterclockwise pulse mode as well as a useful plate and probe mode. Thanks to the powerful and energy efficient servo DC motor, the CAPPRondo hot plate stirrer can stir liquids of varying viscosities at speeds ranging from 200 to 2200 rpm.

Easy to use Hot Plate Stirrer

The latest version of the magnificent CAPPRondo hot plate stirrer is graced with an intuitive control panel that makes heating and mixing quick and easy. With its advanced microprocessor chip, scientists can program the CAPPRondo hot plate stirrer with up to 99 individual programs. With a large, easy-to-read digital display, users can instantly view and adjust temperature, speed, and time on the CAPPRondo hotplate stirrer with pinpoint accuracy. A clearly labeled user interface with modern touch buttons and a satisfying dial wheel provide excellent ergonomics for comfortable user input.

Test your CAPPRondo Hot Plate stirrer today

The new and improved CAPPRondo hotplate stirrer is a game changer for research labs, instructional labs, and diagnostic labs alike. With its innovative new features and improved performance, the CAPPRondo hot plate stirrer will transform how scientists heat and mix viscous and non-viscous liquids. Whether you routinely prepare stock solutions, or mix reagents with samples on the go, the CAPPRondo hotplate stirrer is the device for you. Click here to test your CAPPRondo hot plate stirrer today and have it shipped to your lab as soon as possible. CAPP’s global network of distributors knows no barrier in shipping the best products right to your doorstep. CAPPRondo hotplate stirrer – truly accurate, truly robust!

See below the specifications of CAPPRondo Hot Plate Stirrer


Speed Range200-2.200 RPM in steps of 10 RPM
Temperature Range5°C – 550°C (±1°C)
Safety Temp. Limit575°C
Top Plate MaterialNano-crystalline glass ceramic
Top Plate Dimensions180x180mm
Time Setting1-999 minutes or infinite
Stir bar25mm
Permissible Relative HumidityUp to 80%
Dimensions (WxDxH)313 x 205 x 110mm
Protection ClassIP 21
Accessories includedCRS-21H-P (temperature probe) and CRS-21H-S (stand)


See below the features of CAPPRondo Hot Plate Stirrer

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Multiple applications

Programmable speed range: 200-2.200RPM. Heating from ambient to 550°C. Up to 99 individual protocols programmable.


Compact and user-friendly

Large and user-intuitive display, providing an overview of all parameters and enabling easy and comfortable operation.


Nano-crystalline glass ceramic plate

Easy to clean and highly chemically resistant.


Top Plate Dimensions

180x180mm. Protection Class IP 21.


Cat. No.Description
CRS-22HCAPPRondo Hotplate Stirrer 2.200 RPM, 550°C ceramic, 20L capacity, 220V

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