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Expell Spin Columns

CAPP Expell Spin Columns: A game changer for your lab

CAPP Expell Spin Column System uses an integrated approach to separate, isolate, and purify biomolecules in a simple workflow that results in exceptional quality. CAPP Expell spin columns eliminate the need for molecular biology laboratories to spend a lot of money to get high-quality biomolecules for their diverse use cases. By combining meticulous research and innovative product engineering, we were able to cut the cost of producing a spin column, while also raising the bar of quality. That is why CAPP Expell spin columns are a game-changer. Contact us to obtain free samples of Expell Spin Columns!

The anatomy of CAPP Expell Spin Columns

The CAPP Expell spin column system consists of a combination of a 0.8 mL round bottom filter tube and a 1.5/2.0 mL receiver tube that are battle-tested for high performance in a broad range of molecular biology applications. CAPP Expell spin columns have high-quality filter membranes made from a choice of glass fiber filters or polyethylene. Both the filter tube and the receiver tube are manufactured from a unique blend of premium-grade, non-wettable virgin polypropylene that boasts minimum interaction with reaction components. Receiver tubes feature volume graduation marks that make it easy to monitor the amount of product that has been collected during use.

The ideal Spin Columns for high-yield DNA extraction

CAPP Expell spin columns allow for rapid, high-yield DNA extraction from a variety of cells. The resultant high-quality DNA can be used for next-gen sequencing, cloning, and many other downstream applications. After cell lysis, the lysate is added to CAPP Expell spin columns with glass bead filters and the filters will work their magic to retain all the genomic DNA while other cellular components are lost in the flow-through. A quick wash step followed by elution results in a large amount of DNA collected in the receiver tubes of CAPP Expell spin columns, with half the effort required in other less efficient extraction methods.

The best Spin Columns for quick recovery of DNA from agarose gels

The new CAPP Expell spin column system offers a single-step nucleic acid binding matrix for all the precious DNA harvested from agarose gels. After excising the band of interest from the gel, the band is just added to a CAPP Expell spin column with a binding buffer and all DNA will remain bound to the high-affinity glass bead filter membranes. CAPP Expell spin columns also feature an eco-friendly blend of polypropylene with minimal reaction interference guaranteed. This means you get to maximize DNA recovery from your successful agarose gel electrophoresis runs while doing your part to keep the environment a better place for all of us.

Exceptional PCR purification with CAPP Expell Spin Columns

After running a successful polymerase chain reaction (PCR) it is often essential to purify the PCR products, separating them from primers, enzymes, and other components of the reaction mix. CAPP Expell spin columns with glass fiber filters offer the perfect DNA binding matrix (~99.99% efficiency) for PCR products, ensuring maximum recovery of amplicons from the reaction mix. The reversible binding of DNA to the innovative glass fiber filter technology of CAPP Expell spin columns makes quick work of the elution step, speeding up your PCR clean-up workflow. CAPP Expell spin columns are your ideal partner in the purification and clean-up of PCR products.

Spin Columns optimized for plasmid preparation

CAPP Expell spin columns are fine-tuned to work with a broad range of protocols that use plasmid miniprep kits. With CAPP Expell spin columns, harvesting plasmid DNA from bacterial cells is quick and easy thanks to the high-efficiency silica-based glass fiber filter membranes. By using silica-based technology, CAPP Expell spin columns consistently achieve an industry-leading plasmid DNA binding affinity upwards of 99.99% while maintaining a high flow rate and particle loading capacity. With CAPP Expell spin columns, impactful science doesn’t have to cost a fortune in overpriced accessories for commercial miniprep kits.

Test CAPP Expell Spin Columns today!

CAPP Expell spin columns are available for ordering today through the CAPP website or through our global network of distributors. To place your order of CAPP Expell spin columns, click here and connect with our sales team. If you would like to test out the CAPP Expell spin column system before committing, we have you covered as well. Our global distributor network will arrange you a free sample of the game-changing CAPP Expell spin columns to evaluate and experience for yourself. You can place your order for a free sample of CAPP Expell spin columns by clicking here. True to form, the CAPP Expell spin columns are truly accurate, truly robust!

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spin columns

High filtration efficiency spin columns


Premium-grade polypropylene construction

minimizes chemical interactions with reactants


One filter tube size (0.8 mL) compatible with both 1.5 mL and 2.0 mL receiver tubes


Cat. No.Description
5052001CExpell spin column 0.8 mL, GF-F2, bag, 100 pcs. filter tubes and 100 pcs. receiver tubes 2,0mL
5052002CExpell spin column 0.8 mL, GF-N2, bag, 100 pcs. filter tubes and 100 pcs. receiver tubes 2,0mL
5052003CExpell spin column 0,8 mL PE 20-60 µm, bag, 100 pcs. filter tubes and 100 pcs. receiver tubes 2,0mL
5050800CExpell spin column 0.8 mL, without filter, bag, 1000 pcs. filter tubes and 1000 pcs. filter rings
5052000CExpell receiver tube 2.0mL, bag, 10x 1000 pcs.

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