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Meet the new and innovative CAPP Expell PCR Products

At CAPP we value continuous improvement and we are committed to finding better ways to make PCR products that revolutionize life science research. The latest additions to our growing portfolio of PCR plastics are a fantastic set of PCR products that we are excited about and we think you will love them too. In this article, we will explore some of the best features of the new CAPP Expell PCR plastic consumables.

PCR Products Portfolio enriched with Expell PCR tube additions

Our new and improved flagship CAPP Expell PCR plastic tubes have a polished interior that minimizes protein adhesion while maximizing PCR product recovery. A unique V-shaped design makes for easy liquid transfer and great compatibility with many thermocyclers. Just like the other PCR products in our portfolio, these thin walled PCR plastic tubes have excellent thermal properties that provide the best heat transfer. The flat caps of CAPP PCR plastic tubes are designed for effortless closing and they provide a near-seamless seal that keeps evaporation rates well below 5%.
CAPP Expell PCR tubes are available in 0.1mL and 0.2mL capacities for fast and standard thermocyclers, respectively. The frosted flat caps of these PCR plastic tubes provide a surface for easy labeling. For qPCR workflows, CAPP PCR plastic tubes can be ordered with ultra-clear caps that provide constant light transmittance for reliable signal detection. These dependable PCR products are also compatible with a wide range of real-time PCR thermocyclers.

PCR Products with Focus on Quality

All the new CAPP Expell PCR products are manufactured acc. to top market standards. This guarantees consistent and demonstrable quality for all our Expell PCR products. Additionally, the latest CAPP Expell PCR plastic consumables are produced in a cleanroom environment that is free from PCR interfering contaminants. CAPP Expell PCR products are certified free of endotoxins, ATP, DNA, RNA, DNases, RNases, and PCR inhibitors. With CAPP  Expell PCR products, you only get the best quality for reliable nucleic acid amplification.

Expell PCR strips additions, complementing CAPP PCR Portfolio

We have leveled up our PCR products range with the new CAPP Expell PCR strips. With thin walls for excellent heat transfer and flat caps that keep evaporation rates below 5%, these PCR products will help you get market-leading PCR product recovery rates. The low protein binding polished interior ensures maximum enzyme performance for unimpeded PCR amplification.

Just like the other new PCR products in the Expell range, the 8 tube strips are available in a range of configurations. CAPP PCR plastic 8 tube strips with attached caps minimize cross-contamination between individual tubes while the variants with detached caps allow for faster workflows. CAPP Expell PCR plastic strips with frosted caps and transparent tubes provide industry-leading signal detection for qPCR machines with bottom detectors. On the other hand, CAPP PCR plastic strips with optical caps and frosted bottoms provide unparalleled light transmittance for real-time PCR using machines with top detectors.

Choose one of the market's best PCR Products - Expell PCR Plates

With the high-performance CAPP PCR plates, multi-sample PCR just got easier. These high-quality PCR products combine all the notable features of the other CAPP Expell PCR plastic consumables such as excellent thermal transfer, and minimal evaporation rates. Each sample well of CAPP Expell PCR plastic plates has a highly polished interior for minimum interaction with reaction components and maximum PCR product recovery.

CAPP PCR plastic plates are available in a range of skirt formats. The non-skirted 96-well plates fit in most thermocyclers on the market and are available in low profile (0.1mL) and standard profile (0.2mL) sizes. These easy to cut PCR products can be resized into smaller plates to accommodate fewer samples without wasting the whole PCR product. Semi-skirted and sub-semi-skirted plates are also available with frosted and clear tubes that are compatible with a range of standard and real-time PCR machines, respectively.

The Decapping Tool as the final addition to CAPP PCR Products Range

In addition to the innovative and reliable PCR plastic consumables CAPP also provides accessories that smoothen PCR workflows. The multifunctional CAPP decapping tool makes it easy to apply and remove flat caps and membranes from PCR plastic consumables such as 8 tube strips and plates. The smooth polystyrene surface of the CAPP decapping tool protects adhesive films from damage during sealing to minimize evaporation. With and operating temperature range of -30°C to 70°C, the CAPP decapping tool can be used at any stage of PCR preparation. When required, the CAPP decapping tool can be easily sterilized with an ethanol spray.

Learn more about the new CAPP PCR Products

Follow the link to learn more about the new CAPP PCR products. We also have a facility that allows you to test out these outstanding PCR plastics by ordering a free sample and no extra cost to yourself. Simply contact us to order free samples of your favorite CAPP PCR products. With CAPP, you have a reliable partner for the best PCR plastic consumables on the market.

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