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CAPP 0.1 and 0.2 mL PCR Strip Tubes

Maximize PCR performance with CAPP PCR Strip Tubes

CAPP has become an emerging leader in the manufacture of high-performance PCR plastics over the last couple of years.
The line of CAPP PCR products includes the reliable and innovative PCR strip tubes that are specially crafted for industry leading PCR performance. CAPP PCR strip tubes are certified free of PCR inhibitors, endotoxins, DNA, RNA, DNases, RNases and ATP for minimum PCR interference. Let’s zoom in on some of the notable features of these game changing PCR strip tubes.

Low protein binding 8 Tube Strips

CAPP PCR strip tubes are made from a custom formulation of high-grade USP VI polypropylene that ensures low interaction with the PCR reaction mix. Each set of 8 tube strips features a highly polished interior that minimizes protein binding and results in optimal enzyme performance at all times. By carefully cutting out the interaction of the plastic material of CAPP PCR strip tubes with the PCR reaction mix, these 8 tube strips are optimized for excellent PCR results.

Thin walled PCR Strip Tubes with great thermal Transfer

CAPP 8 tube strips are made with leak-proof thin walls for maximum thermal transfer. The carefully calibrated wall thickness of each set of 8 tube strips is optimized for matching the temperature of the thermocycler, resulting in optimal nucleic acid amplification. CAPP PCR strip tubes give the polymerase enzyme a boost, allowing it to work at its peak performance.

8 Tube Strips with broad thermocycler compatibility

All CAPP PCR strip tubes are manufactured for broad compatibility with a wide range of thermocyclers.
Whether you need PCR strip tubes for regular PCR, fast PCR or qPCR, CAPP has you covered. With each set of 8 tube strips you get ready-to-use PCR strip tubes out of the box and this reduces the need to optimize for various thermocycler brands.

Contact us for a thermocycler compatibility list for CAPP PCR strip tubes

PCR Strip Tubes with attached caps

CAPP PCR strip tubes with attached caps are easy to close and keep sample evaporation rates lower than 5% (for Expell) and 3% (for ExpellPlus). The PCR strip tubes with attached caps are designed to minimize cross-contamination of samples in different tubes of each individual CAPP 8 tube strip. The PCR strip tubes with attached caps are flat and frosted, making it very easy to label individual PCR strip tubes at a location that is convenient to read and write, reducing operator strain.

PCR Strip Tubes with separate caps

CAPP 8 tube strips are also available with separate flat cap strips that speed up sample processing. The flat tops of the detached PCR strip tube caps make it easy to seal an entire 8 tube strip at once. Frosted caps provide a great surface area for easy labelling while the optical caps offer great signal detection for qPCR. All Expell PCR strip tubes are compatible with the multifunctional CAPP decapping tool. This little tool makes it quick and easy to add and remove flat caps on the CAPP 8 tube strips.

CAPP multifunctional decapping tool for PCR Strip Tubes

All Expell 8 tube strips are fully compatible with the polystyrene CAPP decapping tool. This nifty tool speeds up processes such as adding and removing flat caps from Expell PCR strip tubes. The CAPP decapping tool has a smooth surface that makes it safe to use with adhesive films and optical caps without causing damage. The transparent design of the CAPP decapping tool always keeps the 8 tube strips in view for maximum operator control. When required, the tool can be sterilized with a quick spray of ethanol.

8 Tube Strips for regular and fast thermocyclers

CAPP PCR strip tubes are available in 0.1mL and 0.2mL capacities. The low profile 0.1mL 8 tube strips are perfectly suited for fast thermocyclers, giving optimal thermal transfer tailored for the rapid amplifications of these PCR machines. The 0.2mL CAPP PCR strip tubes are designed for industry leading performance with standard thermocyclers.

qPCR-ready 8 Tube Strips

For labs that run qPCR protocols, CAPP 8 tube strips feature class-leading transparency for maximum light transmittance.
The excellent signal to noise ratio of these PCR strip tubes makes for optimal signal detection when used with thermocyclers that read signal from the bottom of the tube. Separate optical caps are available for order with CAPP 8 tube strips and these are tailored for excellent signal detection from the top.

Get a free sample of CAPP 8 Tube Strips

If you would like to test out CAPP PCR strip tubes, simply contact us!

We will send you a test kit that you can use to prove our 8 tube strips and we are quite confident you will fall in love with them just like we have. Get reliable performance every time with CAPP PCR strip tubes.

See below the features of CAPP PCR Strip Tubes

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Available as 0.1 mL and 0.2 mL

0.1 mL PCR Strip Tubes for fast thermocyclers requiring low profile tubes. 0.2 mL PCR Strip Tubes of regular profile, the pertect fit for standard thermocyclers.


Thin-walled and low binding

for the ultimate temperature transmission, minimal condensation and maximum sample recovery


Autoclavable, free from PCR contaminants

Free from RNA, RNase, DNA, DNase, Pyrogen


Cat. No. Description
5100210C Expell PCR strips of 8 tubes and separate flat caps 0,2mL, 5x12x10 pcs.
5100212C Expell PCR strips of 8 tubes w/ single attached flat caps 0.2mL, 5x10x12 pcs.
5100217C Expell PCR 8-strip and separate optical caps 0.2mL 5x10x12 pcs.
5100218C Expell PCR 8-strip, white and separate optical caps 0.2mL, 5x10x12 pcs.
5100310C Expell PCR strips of 8 tubes and separate optical caps 0.1mL, 5x12x10 pcs.
5100311C ExpellPlus PCR strips of 8 tubes w/ single attached caps 0,1mL, 8x120 pcs.
5100312C Expell PCR 8-strip, bottom detection, separate optical caps 0.1mL, 5x12x10 pcs.
5100316C Expell PCR 8-strip, white, separate optical caps 0.1mL, 5x12x10 pcs.
5100452C Tube and 8-strip decaping tool, 15x1 pc.