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CAPPRondo Tube Rotator

Having strong, compact, metal design and rubber feet, CAPPRondo tube rotator ensures ultimate stability upon operation and requires a minimum of the benchtop space. CAPPRondo tube rotator operates at the fixed speed of 30 RPM with an accuracy of +/- 2 RPM. Its gentle but effective mixing is noiseless and continues in an infinite mode until the tube rotator is switched off.

CAPPRondo tube rotator has a maximum capacity of 16 tubes, consisting of 4 ESR and 12 blood collection tubes (max. 13 mm x 100 mm). The maximum operational weight capacity is 1.5kg. The disc plate of CAPPRondo tube rotator is fixed at the angle of 38 degrees and ensures an easy removal for cleaning or replacement. Contact us to try out CAPPRondo tube rotator for free worldwide.

See below the specifications of CAPPRondo Tube Rotator


Max Capacity16 Tubes (4 ESR Tubes and 12 Blood Collection Tubes)
Motor TypeAC Synchronous
SpeedFixed Speed of 30 RPM
Operation ModeContinuous / Infinite
Speed Accuracy+/- 2 RPM
Angle of Disc PlateFixed angle of 38 degrees
Noise LevelNoiseless operation
Weight (Capacity)1.5kg
Dimensions (W x D x H)278x252x183mm
Protection classIP 21


See below the features of CAPPRondo Tube Rotator

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tube rotator CappRondo tube rotator Capp Rondo tube rotator

Easy operation

Fixed speed of 30 RPM, gentle mixing in an infinite operation mode


Easy cleaning and replacement

Disc plate fixed at 38 degrees, easily removable for cleaning or replacement


Bench space optimization

Stable, compact design, assuring optimal operation and requiring minimum of bench space


Cat. No.Description
CRR-0316CAPPRondo Tube Rotator for 16 blood tubes
CRR-0316-110CAPPRondo Tube Rotator for 16 blood tubes, 110V

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