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Expell High Performance PCR Tubes

CAPP Expell thin-walled PCR tubes are highly optimized for exceptional PCR performance in a wide range of thermocyclers. These innovative and RNase free PCR tubes are the result of years of research into the most optimal design for PCR tubes coupled with painstaking craftsmanship to make sure each product is as perfect as the first. The results speak for themselves and we are happy to introduce to the world the ultimate PCR tubes in the CAPP Expell range of PCR products. We will explore some of the defining features of these advanced thin-walled PCR tubes.

RNase free PCR Tubes with broad thermocycler compatibility

CAPP Expell RNase free PCR tubes are compatible with a wide selection of the most common thermocyclers on the market. We made sure to optimize their design to ensure thermocycler agnostic PCR performance. This means that they will perform the same no matter which thermocycler brand you use.

Contact us to check if your thermocycler is compatible with CAPP thin-walled PCR tubes.

Beyond their great cross-platform performance, CAPP Expell RNase free PCR tubes are also applicable to a broad range of PCR protocols, making them the workhorse of choice for most of your lab’s PCR needs.

PCR Tubes with maximum product recovery

Innovative design choices in the manufacture of the CAPP Expell thin-walled PCR tubes help you maximize the recovery of your PCR product. A unique V-shaped bottom makes liquid handling easy while minimizing the chances of sample loss. Each PCR tube also features a polished interior that prevents protein adhesion. This reduces any potential interaction of reaction components with the RNase free PCR tubes that may result in lower yields of PCR product.

Thin-walled PCR tubes with excellent thermal properties

CAPP Expell thin-walled PCR tubes are made from world class polypropylene formulation and are guaranteed to provide excellent heat transfer during temperature cycling. The thin walls of each PCR tube transfer heat efficiently into the reaction mix with minimum temperature impedance. As a result of the excellent heat transfer, CAPP Expell RNase free PCR tubes have some of the lowest condensation rates. The caps of Expell PCR tubes (no pun intended) also ensure a tight seal that keeps evaporation rates well below 5% (Expell) and 3% (ExpellPlus). CAPP Expell RNase free PCR tubes can be safely autoclaved without melting.

Exceptionall PCR tubes

CAPP Expell RNase free PCR tubes are guaranteed free of PCR contaminants to give you the best chance of success at your PCR. Each PCR tube is manufactured in a cleanroom facility. All Expell thin-walled PCR tubes are subjected to rigorous quality control to ensure they are free from common PCR contaminants such as RNA, RNases, DNA, DNases, pyrogens, and other particulate matter. With CAPP RNase free PCR tubes you amplify only the fragment of choice and nothing else. (Note: PCR performance also depends on the skill-level of the scientist)

ExpellPlus PCR Tubes for the most critical applications

The ExpellPlus thin-walled PCR Tubes are the ultimate choice for the most critical applications. These RNase free PCR tubes offer universal thermocycler compatibility and are designed to allow the maximum sample recovery thanks to the V-shaped bottom of ExpellPlus PCR tubes. Made of top-class polypropylene, ExpellPlus thin-walled PCR tubes guarantee the ultimate temperature transmission and minimal condensation. All ExpellPlus PCR tubes are DNA, DNase, RNA, RNase, Pyrogen free and autoclavable. In terms of evaporation, the loss of PCR volume with ExpellPlus PCR tubes is less than 3%. Specially polished interior prevents from adhesion of most proteins. ExpellPlus PCR tubes are available as 0.2 mL tubes, suitable for standard PCR/qPCR thermocyclers that require regular profile tubes, and as 0.1 mL tubes for the use in fast PCR/qPCR thermocyclers, requiring low profile tubes. Stips of 8 PCR tubes and plates make the ExpellPlus PCR tube portfolio the ultimate choice for multiple applications.

CAPP decapping tool for Expell PCR Tubes

As a bonus, Expell PCR tubes are compatible with the multifunctional CAPP decapping tool. This portable accessory makes small tasks such as capping, decapping, and film scraping much easier when used with CAPP Expell PCR tubes. A transparent polystyrene design makes it easy for operators to see what they are doing and helps improve efficiency. To minimize contamination of PCR tubes, the CAPP decapping tool can be sterilized with an ethanol spray.

Order a test sample of CAPP thin-walled PCR tubes

If you are interested in trying out CAPP RNase free PCR tubes, we have an offer tailor made for you.

Contact us for a free sample and we will gladly send it to you at no cost to your lab.

We are confident that CAPP thin-walled PCR tubes will blow you away. CAPP, truly accurate, truly robust!

Find out more about 0.1 mL PCR Tubes for fast thermocyclers

Find out more about 0.2 mL PCR Tubes for standard thermocyclers

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Manufactured from virgin PP

on the finest molds available


Ideal for molecular biology

Polished interior to prevent from adhesion of most proteins.


Cat. No.Description
5100200CExpellPlus PCR tubes 0.2mL, low-binding, bag, 20x1000 pcs.
5100201CExpell PCR tubes 0.2mL, bag, 40x500pcs.
5100205CExpell PCR tubes 0.2mL, bag, sterile 40x500 pcs.
5100210CExpell PCR strips of 8 tubes and separate flat caps 0.2mL, bag, 5x12x10 pcs.
5100212CExpell PCR strips of 8 tubes w/ single attached flat caps 0.2mL, 5x12x10 pcs.
5100217CExpell PCR 8-strip and seperate optical caps 0,2mL, 5x10x12 pcs.
5100218CExpell PCR 8-strip, white, and seperate optical caps 0,2mL 5x10x12 pcs.
5100300CExpellPlus PCR tubes 0.1ml, bag, 20x1000 pcs.
5100310CExpell PCR strips of 8 tubes and separate optical caps 0.1ml, bag, 5x12x10 pcs.
5100311CExpellPlus PCR strips of 8 tubes w/ single attached caps 0.1ml, 8x120 pcs.
5100312CExpell PCR 8-strip, bottom detection, separate optical caps 0,1mL, 5x10x12 pcs.
5100316CExpell PCR 8-strip, white, separate optical caps 0,1mL, 5x10x12 pcs.
5100452CTube and 8-strip decaping tool, 15x1 pcs.