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CAPPRondo Lab Magnetic Stirrer

The ideal Laboratory Magnetic Stirrer for everyday mixing applications

If you are in the market for a laboratory magnetic stirrer that is tailored for reliable performance every single day, look no further than the CRS-21 CAPPRondo lab magnetic stirrer. With its plug-and-play functionality and excellent mixing performance, this compact lab magnetic stirrer offers unparalleled value for money and a great return on investment that pays for itself multiple times over. In this article, we are going to highlight some of the exceptional features of the CRS-21 CAPPRondo lab magnetic stirrer, and hopefully you will write the rest of the story after you have experienced it for yourself.

Compact Lab Magnetic Stirrer

From the initial design renders, to the final engineering prototypes, the CRS-21 CAPPRondo laboratory magnetic stirrer was designed for space efficiency. With a petite frame of only 230 x 150 x 78 mm (L x W x H), this compact laboratory magnetic stirrer can be used in many spaces including hoods, cold rooms, cabinets, and workbenches. The portable, lightweight chassis of this laboratory magnetic stirrer also makes it easy to move the device from one workstation to another with ease. By optimizing the size and weight of the CAPPRondo lab magnetic stirrer, we are giving you back the power to decide what to do with your space.

Laboratory Magnetic Stirrer with a large mixing capacity

Outfitted with a large set-up plate, the CAPPRondo laboratory magnetic stirrer is more than capable of handling both small and large mixing loads. The large surface area of the set-up plate (140 x 140 mm) on the CAPPRondo laboratory magnetic stirrer accommodates a range of mixing containers from small beakers and flasks all the way to large jars. This allows scientists to mix liquids volumes of up to 10 liters in one container. The long stir bar (25 mm) ensures thorough mixing of fluids of various viscosities.

Lab Magnetic Stirrer with a powerful DC Motor

Powered by a modern DC motor that is optimized for continuous operation and minimum vibrations, the CRS-21 CAPPRondo laboratory magnetic stirrer delivers best-in-class mixing performance. Running speeds range from 400 – 2200 rpm and this allows the mixing rates to be adjusted to suit the liquid viscosity and volume. A ribbed adjustment knob provides an effortless way of ramping up or lowering the motor speed, keeping the user in charge at all times. The DC motor of the CAPPRondo lab magnetic stirrer also provides silent operation, with minimum vibration.

Long lasting Lab Magnetic Stirrer

At CAPP, we take pride in the fact that our customers have come to know our products as “truly accurate, truly robust!” The CAPPRondo lab magnetic stirrer is no different. This is one lab magnetic stirrer that is engineered to give you exceptional service for an exceedingly long time. With its IP42 compliant design, you do not have to worry about the ingress of solid particles (≥1 mm) and liquid droplets (≤15º). The closed design of the CAPPRondo laboratory magnetic stirrer also protects it from accidental spillages and allows for easy cleaning.

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So that is our quick overview of the key features of the CRS-21 CAPPRondo lab magnetic stirrer.
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See below the specifications of CAPPRondo Lab Magnetic Stirrer

SpecificationsCAPPRondo Lab Magnetic Stirrer
Capacity10 Liters
Motor TypeDC Motor
Variable Speed400 – 2200 RPM
Set-up plate dimensions140 x 140 mm
Weight1.5 Kgs
Dimension (L x W x H)265 x 192 x 75 mm
Length of stir bar25 mm
Protection classIP 21


See below the features of CAPPRondo Lab Magnetic Stirrer

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Excellent mixing performance


Highly resistant top plate

stainless steel with ceramic coating



petite frame of only 265 x 192 x 75 mm (L x W x H)


Powerful DC Motor

running speeds range from 400 - 2200 rpm


Cat. No.Description
CRS-21CAPPRondo Analog Magnetic Stirrer

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