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CAPP Expell Deep Well Microplates

The latest additions to the CAPP Expell product range are the 96 deep well plates that are packed with many features designed to give scientists an edge in their experimental work. Designed by our highly trained manufacturing experts, drawing from CAPP’s decades of experience in manufacturing laboratory plastics and consumables, the CAPP Expell range of 96 deep well plates offers reliable performance and exceptional value for money. Additionally, CAPP 96 deep well plates increase lab throughput while reducing inefficiencies that could slow you down. In this article, we will highlight the various features of the new and exciting 96 deep well plates from CAPP and demonstrate how each feature can help you to achieve more with your scientific experiments.

Contaminant-free Deep Well Plates

Unseen contaminants are the bane of every life scientist’s existence as they can ruin an entire experiment or research project by interfering with key chemical reactions and processes. CAPP 96 deep well plates are meticulously crafted to offer a contaminant-free sample holding environment for your life science experiments. Manufactured in a class 100K clean room environment with full automation, each non-sterile CAPP 96 deep well plate is guaranteed to meet and exceed all relevant international quality standards. All CAPP 96 deep well plates are certified free of common molecular contaminants such as DNases, RNases, human DNA, and endotoxin inhibitors, making them safe to use in sensitive applications.

Thermostable 96 Deep Well Plates

Designed for excellent thermal stability, CAPP’s new 96 deep well plates are designed to retain their integrity at both hot and cold temperatures. For high temperature applications, CAPP Expell 96 deep well plates can withstand temperatures of up to 121°C. This allows users to autoclave the deep well plates immediately after an experimental run before disposing of biological samples. Additionally, CAPP 96 deep well plates remain stable at temperatures as low as -80°C allowing users to store their samples in an ultra-low temperature freezer. The large temperature range of CAPP Expell 96 deep well plates gives users a larger scope of application.

Round-bottom Deep Well Plates

CAPP 96 deep well plates are available in a round-bottom format that maximizes sample mixing efficiency. When preparing samples for protocols such as high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS), and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) among others, round bottom plates provide the best value for sample handling. With round bottom 96 deep well plates, it is easy to mix and obtain excellent sample homogeneity for more efficient separations. Just like V-bottom CAPP 96 deep well plates, the round-bottom version is easy to stack and store in storage. CAPP round-bottom deep well plates are available in two volume configurations i.e., 1.1 mL and 2.2 mL.

V-bottom 96 Deep Well Plates

CAPP 96 deep well plates are also supplied in a V-bottom format that is designed for more efficient sample aggregation processes. The V-bottom CAPP 96 deep well plate format is excellent for processes such as centrifugation and elution (as in nucleic acid isolation) among others. The common feature of such processes is the need to separate samples by a concentration step. The V-bottom design also maximizes sample recovery with a pointed design that perfectly complements the shape of modern pipette tips. CAPP 96 deep well plates with V-shaped bottoms are available in a large 2.2 mL format that can handle most multi-sample life science experiments that you throw at it.

High-quality 96 Deep Well Plates

CAPP Expell 96 deep well plates are created from the best synthetic polymers to offer reliable performance across a wide variety of applications. Starting with our best virgin polypropylene, CAPP Expell 96 deep well plates are meticulously engineered to make sure that every dimension is as close to perfection as possible. This reduces the chances of variation between wells, making sure that all your samples receive similar treatment conditions for unparalleled reliability. Additionally, CAPP Expell deep well plates are designed to conform to all relevant American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards for easy validation of quality specifications.

Automation-ready Deep Well Plates

Created for the high-throughput modern laboratory environment, CAPP 96 deep well plates are automation-ready right out of the box. With their raised walls and robust material construction, CAPP deep well plates are safe to use with popular automated liquid handling machines such as the Hamilton Microlab® STAR and the Beckman Biomek® range. With their open, universal design, CAPP 96 deep well plates have greater cross-platform compatibility than older deep well plate designs from other manufacturers. This open design makes it easy to use the same deep well plates for both manual workflows and automated liquid handling protocols. Take your liquid handling automation to the next level with CAPP 96 deep well plates.

Versatile 96 Deep Well Plates

CAPP deep well plates come in a versatile 96-well format that accelerates productivity for frequent small-volume biological sample runs. Compatible with protocols such as nucleic acid extraction, centrifugation, and HPLC prep among others, CAPP 96 deep well plates provide excellent value for money and time. In addition to their usage as excellent life science reaction vessels, CAPP 96 deep well plates are the perfect storage device for biological and chemical samples. With their chemically inert, thermostable polypropylene construction, these 96 deep well plates can be used multiple times for short-term and long-term low-temperature sample storage.

Chemically stable Deep Well Plates

One required quality of modern reaction vessels and sample storage devices in chemical stability. CAPP 96 deep well plates are manufactured using a chemically stable material that will withstand exposure to a wide range of organic chemicals that are often used in life science experimentation and sample storage. The high-grade polypropylene used in CAPP 96 deep well plates is chemically inert, minimizing the risk of interactions with reaction components. This design choice keeps samples safe during experimental runs, preventing potential leakages and cross-contamination that could occur when components of the reaction vessel interact with chemicals in the samples.

Deep Well Plates with raised rim design

One subtle feature of the new CAPP 96 deep well plates that may be difficult to notice is the raised rim design. Each well of the deep well plates has a slightly raised rim around its opening at the top. This design choice reduces cross-contamination of samples which can be a huge problem when working with large sample numbers. Our product design team spent a lot of dedicated time perfecting this small feature because of the significant impact that it has on sample purity and reaction integrity. The raised rim design of CAPP 96 deep well plates is compatible with mechanical pipettes and robotic liquid handling equipment, minimizing contamination without slowing down your workflow.

CAPP 96 Deep Well Plates with intuitive sample index

A sample index is necessary when processing large numbers of samples in one compact reaction vessel. CAPP 96 deep well plates feature an alphanumeric sample index that makes it easy to locate each sample within seconds. The intuitive alphanumeric sample uses numbers to define columns (long edge) and letters to define rows (short edge). Like a spreadsheet, the sample index on CAPP 96 deep well plates makes quick work of locating each individual sample with pinpoint accuracy every single time. This removes the need to depend on tedious indexing by hand, saving you time and reducing the chances of error. The sample index on CAPP 96 deep well plates is also automation-ready for easier integration with robotic systems.

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Available as 1.1mL and 2.2mL V-shaped and round bottom



certified free of common molecular contaminants such as DNases, RNases, human DNA, and endotoxin inhibitors


Thermostable, Automation-ready


Cat. No.Description
5100360CExpell deep well plates 1.0mL, Round well, Round bottom, 4x24 pcs.
5100260CExpell deep well plates 2.0mL, Round well, Round bottom, 4x12 pcs.
5100261CExpell deep well plates 2.0mL, Square well, V-bottom, 4x12 pcs.
5100262CExpell deep well plates 2.2mL, Square well, U-bottom, Zybio®-type, 10x5 pcs.
5100263CExpell deep well plates 2.2mL, Square well, V-bottom, Kingfisher®-type, 10x5 pcs.
5100270CExpell 96 Kingfisher®-type tip comb, 100x2 pcs.
5100271CExpell 08 U-bottom tip comb, Zybio®-type, 100x2 pcs.