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CAPPRondo Incubating Shaker

Reliable mixing with the CAPPRondo Incubating Shaker (4 plate)

Mixing microplate samples in a heated environment does not have to be a two-machine process with the reliable CAPPRondo incubating shaker. This innovative incubating shaker provides the functionality of an incubator, and microplate shaker in one compact machine that occupies little real estate on any workbench. Let’s explore some of the excellent features of the CAPPRondo incubating shaker that would make it a fantastic addition to your workflow.

Four-position microplate Incubating Shaker

The most notable feature of the CAPPRondo incubating shaker is the 4-plate capacity of this small machine. The four loadable positions on the stage of the CAPPRondo incubating shaker accommodate all types of skirted 96 well and 384 well microplates. A rubber o-ring provides a firm grip for stabilizing micro well plates when the incubating shaker is running.

Even microplate processing with CAPPRondo Incubating Shaker

CAPPRondo 4 plate incubating shaker offers smooth and thorough microprocessor-controlled mixing and shaking for micro well plates. With a 3mm orbital motion and adjustable mixing speeds (200-1200 rpm) the CAPPRondo incubating shaker makes it easy to get thorough mixing in compatible microplates. A programmable pulse mode allows for vigorous shaking in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. An inbuilt counterbalance mechanism helps ensure even shaking across all micro well plate positions.

Incubating Shaker with a Large Temperature Range

The 4 plate CAPPRondo incubating shaker has a large temperature range that makes it useful for a wide range of life science applications. This excellent incubating shaker can be set to heat samples from as low as 3⁰C above ambient temperature all the way to 70⁰C. In addition to having such a large thermal range, the CAPPRondo incubating shaker maintains an impressive temperature uniformity of ±0.3⁰C across all 4 plate positions.

CAPPRondo Incubating Shaker with an Easy Adjustment Controls

The CAPPRondo incubating shaker has a large easy to read digital display that shows key operating parameters such as speed, temperature, and time. The incubating shaker’s temperature of operation can be set in ⁰C or ⁰F saving operators from inconvenient temperature conversion calculations. On the CAPPRondo incubating shaker temperature, speed, and time can be adjusted at the tap of a button. Additional controls include a start-stop button, programmable pulse button (30-99 sec) and a power switch.

Incubating Shaker with a Maintenance-Free Motor

The CAPPRondo incubating shaker is fitted with a brushless DC motor that provides superior performance and silent operation. The powerful DC motor allows the CAPPRondo incubating shaker to have some of the longest run times on the market (1 min – ∞) without a drop in performance. With no brushes to change and the powerful motor of the CAPPRondo incubating shaker provides long-lasting, maintenance-free service.

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See below the specifications of CAPPRondo Incubating Shaker

SpecificationsCAPPRondo Incubating Shaker
Motor TypeBrushless DC
Orbital Motion3mm
Number of PlatesUp to 4
Heat Temp. RangeAmbient 3°C to 70°C
Temp. Uniformity±0.3°C
Speed Range200-1.200 RPM
Run Time1-999 mins or infinite
Pulse ModeProgrammable (30-99 sec.)
Max. Volume4 x 96/384 micro well plates
Inbuilt CounterbalanceYES
Dimensions (L x W x H)361 x 267 x 155mm
Weight9.5 KG

See below the features of CAPPRondo Incubating Shaker

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incubating shaker

High performance maintenance-free DC motor

extended run times (1-999 minutes and beyond)


Adjustable timer setting

up to 99 hours, 59 minutes


Programmable pulse mode


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CRPI-412XCAPPRondo Incubating Shaker, 4-Place