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CAPPRondo Mini Centrifuge

CAPPRondo mini centrifuge is a modern, easy-to-use and high performance minicentrifuge equipped with maintenance free drive. CAPPRondo mini centrifuge has centrifugation power of 15000 rpm, corresponding to 15596 g. CAPPRondo mini centrifuge comes with a 12 slot closed rotor, accommodating 1.5/2 mL tubes. The rotor of CAPPRondo mini centrifuge is made of aluminum and has a screw on metal lid. Additional adaptors for 0.2 and 0.4/0.5 mL tubes are provided with the instrument. Optinally, CAPPRondo mini centrifuge can be equipped with a strip rotor, suitable for 2x8x0.2mL tubes.

CAPPRondo centrifuge 15000 rpm has the lid lock safety brake system, preventing the lid from accidental opening until the rotor stops completely. Additionally, CAPPRondo minicentrifuge has an imbalance detection feature, notifying the user when the tubes have been loaded unevenly. The unique airflow design of CAPP mini centrifuge ensures less heat & noise generation. Quick and convenient setting is possible thanks to the intuitivly simple user interface. CAPP centrifuge 15000 rpm has a large back-lit LCD display, showing multiple parameters under operation. The brushless DC motor provides maintenance free exploatation and is perfect for extended runs.

CAPPRondo minicentrifuge can be operated remotely via laptop/computer. You can save up to 99 programs, having the operation records saved in an Excel sheet. You can continue work with CAPPRondo mini centrifuge very easily, thanks to the last run memory feature. Moreover, routine runs, such as spin column preparations can be carried out at your own personalized workstation, with a minimum of time and effort. CAPPRondo minicentrifuge is compact and perfectly suitable for the use in cold room and fume hood. Try CAPPRondo centrifuge 15000 rpm along with Expell microtubes and PCR consumables.
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CappRondo mini centrifuge minicentrifuge centrifuge 15000 rpm

High speed Brushless DC motor maintenance free & fit for extended runs


Very less noise level < 62db


Large backlit LCD display showing set parameters


Cat. No.Description
CR-1512CAPPRondo Mini Centrifuge 15000rpm/15600g, for 12x 1.5-2.0ml tubes
CR-15-PCRPCR strip rotor for CAPPRondo CR-1512 w/ reduction adaptors, 1 pc.

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SpecificationsCAPPRondo Mini
Speed setting500 to 15000 rpm / Min-Sec timer 1 to 999 mins
Maximum Speed rpm / rcf (g)15000rpm / 15596g
DisplayLarge Backlit LCD display
Rotor Capacity12 place Aluminum. rotor with metal safety lid for 1.5/2.0ml microtubes
Motor TypeBrushless DC
Noise Level < 62 db
Imbalance DetectionYes
Remote operationYes
Robotic integration (Optional)Yes, can be interfaced via USB
Lid Lock SafetyYes, lid opens automatically on run completion
Dimensions (W x D x H)230 x 262 x 131mm
AccessoriesReduction Adaptors for 0.2/0.4ml Microtubes

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