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CAPP Petri Dishes

CAPP Petri Dishes: Affordable Premium Quality

The new CAPP Petri plates are designed from the ground up to provide the best microbial culture experience. These premium quality Petri plates offer the reliability that our customers have come to rely on over the years. Additionally, we have designed these excellent Petri dishes with meaningful features that will help the people that use them the most. With the new CAPP Petri plates, clinical laboratory scientists can offer accurate diagnoses of patient infections. Research scientists can also use these excellent Petri dishes to make breakthrough discoveries that will improve our understanding of the natural world. Let’s outline some of the standout features of the CAPP Petri plates.

Superior grade polystyrene Petri Dishes

CAPP Petri dishes are manufactured from our premium grade polystyrene for industry-leading reliability and performance in a broad range of applications. To ensure traceable quality, CAPP polystyrene Petri dishes are independently tested for compliance with international standards. This allows us to supply bio-compliant polymer-based products such as CAPP Petri dishes that are suitable for use in biological assays. As a result, CAPP superior grade polystyrene Petri dishes have exceptional biocompatibility for successful microbial culture assays and more.

Petri Plates with industry leading quality control

True to our ongoing commitment to industry leading quality control measures, CAPP Petri plates are manufactured to exceptionally high standards in our modern facility. Each batch of Petri plates is carefully monitored by our quality control team to ensure compliance with our strict quality guidelines. Additionally, all CAPP Petri plates are supplied with a traceable lot number allowing us to rapidly detect and correct rare incidents of non-compliance. Each lot of Petri plates also features information on the expiration date and sterility for even more transparency.

Petri dishes with excellent thermal and optical properties

CAPP Petri dishes are designed for the best thermal performance as well as excellent optical properties. The walls of each Petri dish allow for reliable thermal transfer between ambient air in an incubator and the microbes on the agar. This results in a culture environment within the Petri dish that closely mimics the set temperature on the incubator. After microbial cultures have successfully grown, the Petri dishes have excellent optical properties that make it easy for scientists to document growth. Whether it be streak plates, hemolysis types or colony morphology, CAPP Petri dishes make microbiology exciting for everyone.

Space-saving Petri Plates

Space comes at a premium in many modern microbiology laboratories, and this requires space-saving Petri plates. CAPP Petri plates are designed to meet this need and they maximize space without any loss in performance. The luscious 90mm diameter not only makes culturing easier but it also happens to be perfect for fitting multiple plates on a wide variety of incubator racks. CAPP Petri plates are also designed to maximize the vertical space in incubators as they can be stacked on top of each other. The stacking design is cleverly executed to minimize the risk of Petri plates falling over when the incubator door is opened. The light weight of each Petri plate also reduces the risk of top-heavy stacks.

Contaminant-free Petri Plates

Our recently renovated manufacturing facility is compliant with modern contaminant reduction protocols, allowing us to manufacture Petri plates that are free of contaminants that may interfere with optimal microbial growth. Each CAPP Petri plate is manufactured in a modern cleanroom facility for maximum elimination of unwanted contaminants. As a result, we can guarantee that our Petri plates are free from pyrogens, endotoxins, and other unwanted contaminants. With this contaminant-free manufacturing approach CAPP Petri plates make microbiology stress-free. Spend less time troubleshooting and enjoy the journey of discovery with CAPP Petri plates.

Petri Dishes with optimized airflow

Most microbiology cultures are grown in either aerobic or anaerobic conditions, and this requires Petri dishes with optimized airflow. CAPP Petri dishes can be ordered in vented and non-vented formats. Vented Petri dishes have increased airflow thanks to a raised-lip design that allows air to pass through without contaminating the culture. These Petri plates are well suited for aerobic cultures although they may be adapted to anaerobic workflows. Non-vented Petri dishes minimize the flow of air between the dish and the lid, reducing airflow potential. As such, non-vented Petri dishes are well-suited for anaerobic cultures as well as for maximum moisture retention.

Try out the new CAPP Petri Plates today!

The new CAPP Petri plates stand out in so many ways and the difference they will bring to your workflow is best experienced in person. To make it easier for your laboratory to test out these excellent Petri plates, CAPP is offering free samples to try out in your unique workflows. Simply fill out the form below and request free samples. Our global distributor network will get it touch with you. We are confident that these premium-quality Petri plates will impress you so much, that they will become a mainstay in your lab. With CAPP Petri plates, your microbial culture tools will be truly accurate, truly robust!

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Superior grade polystyrene, Max. vol. level (overflow level) 75 mL


Excellent thermal and optical properties


Space-saving, in simple packaging


Contaminant-free, with optimized airflow


Aseptic & Sterile options available

Manufactured in a clean room with Bioburden Level <105CFU. Sterilized via irradiation.


Diameter 91.5mm, Height 14.35mm (without vents); Height 14.55mm (with vents)

Ordering Information

Cat. No.Description
5062000CCAPP Petri Dishes, Ø91.5mm, H:14.35mm, without vents, aseptic, non-sterile, Case / 24 x 20 pcs.
5062001CCAPP Petri Dishes, Ø91.5mm, H:14.35mm, without vents, sterile, Case / 24 x 20 pcs.
5062010CCAPP Petri Dishes, Ø91.5mm, H:14.55mm, with 3 vents, aseptic, non-sterile, Case / 24 x 20 pcs.
5062011CCAPP Petri Dishes, Ø91.5mm, H:14.55mm, with 3 vents, sterile, Case / 24 x 20 pcs.