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CAPP Reloading Tips

Refill and Reuse with Confidence

The Future of Sustainable Pipetting

Welcome to the world of CAPP Reloading Tips – a revolutionary solution that empowers you to refill and reuse your pipette tips with utmost ease. Embrace sustainability in your lab practices, save costs, and reduce waste without compromising on performance. Discover how CAPP Reloading Tips are transforming the way scientists and researchers approach liquid handling.

The Advantages of CAPP Reloading Tips

1. Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective:

Say goodbye to single-use pipette tips and embrace a greener approach with CAPP Reloading Tips. By refilling and reusing tips, you contribute to reducing plastic waste and enjoy significant cost savings in the long run.

2. Simple Refilling Process:

Refilling your pipette tips has never been easier. CAPP Reloading Tips are designed for seamless refilling, ensuring a hassle-free experience that saves you time and effort in your daily pipetting tasks.

3. Superior Compatibility:

Our reloading tips are engineered to work flawlessly with CAPP pipettes and a wide range of other leading pipette brands. Enjoy the same precision and accuracy you’ve come to expect, now with the added benefit of sustainability.

4. Consistent Performance:

With CAPP Reloading Tips, there’s no compromise on quality or performance. Each tip maintains the same high standard as our regular pipette tips, ensuring reliable and reproducible results.

5. Variety of Volume Ranges:

From micro to macro volumes, CAPP Reloading Tips offer a wide selection to cater to your diverse pipetting needs. Whether you’re working with small or large sample volumes, we have you covered.

Make the Switch to CAPP Reloading Tips Today

Take a step towards a greener and more sustainable laboratory environment with CAPP Reloading Tips. Save costs, reduce waste, and ensure uncompromised performance with our eco-friendly solution. Refill and reuse your pipette tips with confidence, and join the growing community of scientists committed to a more environmentally friendly approach to liquid handling. Elevate your pipetting experience with CAPP Reloading Tips now!

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Capp Reloading Tips. Expell Reloading Tips. Capp Refill Tips. Expell Refill Tips.

Easy to use

Very convenient compared to some of the other reloading systems available



The most cost effective solution compared to bulk or racked systems



Save considerable bench space and minimize your downtime


Eco friendly

Save substantially on plastic consumption and shipping costs. Reuse your empty tip racks permanently

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Cat. No.Description
5030035CExpell 10µL, reload, 10x10x96 pcs.
5030034CEmpty rack for 10µL reload tips, 50 pcs.
5030055CExpell 10/20µL XL, extra narrow, reload, 10x10x96 pcs.
5030054CEmpty rack for 10µL XL tips, 50 pcs.
5030095CExpell 200µL, reload, 10x10x96 pcs.
5030094CEmpty rack for 200µL reload tips, 50 pcs.
5130111CExpell 300 µL, reload, 10x8x96 pcs.
5130155CExpell 1000µL (1250µL), reload, 10x5x96 pcs.
5130125CEmpty rack for 1000µL (1250µL) reload tips, 32 pcs.