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CAPP Expell Cryotubes

Cryogenic tubes are important in life science research today because of the long-term sample storage benefits that they offer. When we set out to create our own CAPP branded cryo tubes, we were set on bringing something truly ground-breaking to the market. After much trial and error, we believe that we have finally cracked the code and made the ultimate cryogenic tubes for life science research. Compatible with automated and manual workflows, CAPP Expell cryotubes are the cryogenic tubes of the future. Below we will give you a 10,000-foot view of the innovative features packed into CAPP Expell cryo tubes and why you should invest in them.

Space efficient Cryotubes

With the rapid pace of modern life science research, space efficiency should never be an after-thought. This is the reason CAPP Expell cryogenic tubes feature the external thread design. With a beautiful slim profile that fits in very compact freezer racks for cryo tubes, CAPP Expell cryogenic tubes offer space savings of up to 23% when used with CAPP Expell 10×10 plastic cryoboxes. When compared with the average external thread cryo tubes on the market, CAPP cryotubes give scientists 23% more space to store precious samples that could lead to groundbreaking discoveries.

Exceptionally thermostable Cryogenic Tubes

Crafted to withstand some of the harshest cryopreservation conditions, CAPP Expell cryogenic tubes are manufactured from premium quality, thermostable polypropylene. Leveraging CAPP’s manufacturing experience spanning several years, our world-class team was able to innovate and iterate with several polymers to create these cryogenic tubes with the perfect thermal balance. Expell cryo tubes are designed to withstand temperatures as low as -196°C without cracking. Additionally, CAPP cryotubes can be safely autoclaved at 121°C. That’s a thermal range of 317°C! No wonder we are so excited about these extraordinary cryogenic tubes.

Perfectly-sealed Cryo Tubes

CAPP Expell cryotubes also feature cap design with a a lip seal closure. This carefully machined external thread design allows CAPP Expell cryo tubes to be opened with not only one hand, but also with just half a turn. This design approach increases liquid transfer efficiency by a wide margin and allows for better handling of cryogenic tubes in one hand. The lip seal cap design of Expell cryo tubes also prevents overtightening of the lid while keeping the cryogenic tubes 100% leak-proof.

Extra-stable Cryotubes

Another feature that sets CAPP Expell cryotubes apart from the competition is the unique star-foot bottom. This well-engineered base gives CAPP cryotubes better stability on the workbench when compared with cryogenic tubes with standard bases. Additionally, the star-foot bottom allows users to open CAPP Expell cryo tubes without removing them from select CAPP cryoboxes. What’s great about this feature of CAPP cryo tubes is that users spend less time retrieving stored samples from their cryogenic tubes, allowing them to invest that time in the more fun parts of research.

Cryotubes with colored cap inserts

To add a touch of functionality (and brilliance) CAPP Expell cryotubes feature colored cap inserts that fit snugly of the top of the cryo tubes. With the colored cap inserts, researchers can easily categorize the samples stored in their cryo tubes with visual cues that are both fun and easy to remember. The cap inserts for CAPP Expell cryotubes come in five color variants that are easy to recognize at a glance. With red, blue, white, yellow, and green options, selecting the correct cryotubes is now a breeze!

Cryogenic Tubes with easy-to-read labels

Designed to minimize eye strain, CAPP Expell cryo tubes feature molded graduation marks and a large labeling area. The molded graduation marks on Expell cryotubes remain clear and highly visible under a variety of lighting conditions. This helps users to easily monitor liquid volumes as they pipette samples into, and out of the CAPP Expell cryo tubes. A large writing area with a white background allows users to easily label their cryogenic tubes for better sample indexing (not incl. with 0.5mL cryotubes). The white background also provides excellent contrast for better readability of custom labels on the cryo tubes.

Try CAPP Expell Cryotubes today

These innovative, premium quality cryo tubes are readily available for order through our worldwide network of distributors and partners. To place your order for any of the CAPP Expell cryogenic tubes outlined in the product table below, click here. Our friendly sales team will help you connect with a distribution partner stocking CAPP Expell cryo tubes nearest to your laboratory’s location. With CAPP Expell cryogenic tubes you can expect nothing less than “truly accurate, truly robust” performance always!
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1 Coloured Cap Inserts

Available in 5 colours: red, blue, white, green and yellow. Made of PP, for easy tube recognition.


QuickSeal™ & Lip Seal Cap Design

for single handed operation. Ensures 100% leak proof tightening/opening with only half a turn!


SuperStraight™ Design

External thread tube fitting 10x10 cryoboxes. Save up to 23% extra storage capacity.


Star-Foot Bottom

for better stability and operation when stored on selected cryo boxes.


Cat. No.Description
5040502CExpell Cryotubes 0,5mL, sterile, w/o print, bag, case with 2x500 pcs (tubes) and 1x1000 pcs (caps)
5041000CExpell Cryotubes 1,0mL, sterile, bag, 10x100 pcs
5042000CExpell Cryotubes 2,0mL, sterile, bag, 10x100 pcs
5042001CExpell Cryotubes 2,0mL, non-sterile, bag, case with 2x500 pcs (tubes) and 1x1000 pcs (caps)
5044000CExpell Cryotubes 4,0mL, sterile, bag, 5x100 pcs
5045000CExpell Cryotubes 5,0mL, sterile, bag, 5x100 pcs
504R000CRed Cap Insert for Expell Cryotubes, 1x500 pcs.
504B000CBlue Cap Insert for Expell Cryotubes, 1x500 pcs.
504G000CGreen Cap Insert for Expell Cryotubes, 1x500 pcs.
504W000CWhite Cap Insert for Expell Cryotubes, 1x500 pcs.
504Y000CYellow Cap Insert for Expell Cryotubes, 1x500 pcs.
MLD-50Cryo Vials Decapping Tool, 50 pcs.

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