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CAPP Expell Cardboard Cryoboxes

CAPP Expell cardboard cryoboxes are the ultimate solution for environmentally friendly cryogenic storage. These highly flexible storage units provide exceptional value to both small life science labs and extensive research centers that are heavily invested in cryogenic storage of samples and reagents. CAPP Expell cardboard cryoboxes are designed in an elegant way that keeps samples meticulously organized in an affordable package that will not break the bank. Read on to learn more about how CAPP Expell cardboard cryoboxes can help your lab stay on top of its cryogenic storage game.

Durable Cardboard Cryoboxes

If the thought of storing cardboard cryoboxes in a freezer makes you cringe, then you need to try out CAPP Expell cardboard cryoboxes. Constructed from premium quality materials, these cardboard cryoboxes are designed to weather the harsh environments of cryogenic storage. Additionally, CAPP Expell cardboard cryoboxes feature a coating that offers exceptional moisture resistance and resistance against mild chemicals. The combination of premium quality materials as well as effective moisture and chemical protection enables these cardboard cryoboxes to offer long service that outlasts several alternatives that are available on the market.

Environmentally friendly Cardboard Cryoboxes

Designed to reflect CAPP’s attitude toward environmental stewardship, the Expell range of cardboard cryoboxes offers life science laboratories an opportunity to do their part in saving our planet from pollution. All CAPP Expell cardboard cryoboxes are manufactured from responsibly sourced, biodegradable materials. After use CAPP cardboard cryoboxes can be safely recycled, lessening the huge environmental burden created by non-recyclable cryopreservation solutions. By choosing CAPP cardboard cryoboxes, you are choosing the ecofriendly cryogenic storage solution!

Flexible Cardboard Cryoboxes

With their exchangeable grids, CAPP Expell cardboard cryoboxes allow for flexible storage of cryotubes. Scientists have the option to fit a 9 x 9 grid in the interior of cardboard cryoboxes or alternatively a 10 x 10 grid. The 9 x 9 grid allows scientists to store up to 81 samples in their cardboard cryoboxes, while the 10 x 10 grid can hold up to 100 smaller cryotubes. When there is a need to store larger tubes, CAPP Expell cardboard cryoboxes allow end-users to remove the grid and store samples right inside the box. With such a great degree of flexibility, CAPP Expell cardboard cryoboxes can be used for several cryopreservation applications.

Cardboard Cryoboxes for easy freezer storage

CAPP Expell cardboard cryoboxes are designed to fit into standard freezer racks. Supplied in a standard footprint of 133 x 133 x 50 mm (L x W x H), these cardboard cryoboxes can be used in modern, space efficient storage racks without any issues. Additionally, the surface of CAPP cardboard cryoboxes is easy to write on, making it convenient for users to index their samples before freezing. The white colored surface of CAPP cardboard cryoboxes offers great contrast for easy visibility of pen markings while in the freezer.

Try CAPP Expell Cardboard Cryoboxes today

If you would like to order the exceptional CAPP Expell cardboard cryoboxes for your laboratory, click on this link to connect with our friendly sales team. With an ever-expanding network of distribution partners around the globe, our team will make sure you get your hands on these high-quality, ecofriendly cardboard cryoboxes in the least amount of time.

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The cardboard is constructed with a water-repellent finish


More flexibility

Through a removable grid


Two grid options

9x9 or 10x10


Cat. No.Description
5042030CCardboard Cryobox B9, 133x133x50 mm, 9x9 cell grid, case of 36 pcs.
5042020CCardboard Cryobox B10, 133x133x50 mm, 10x10 cell grid, case of 36 pcs.

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