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CAPPRondo Mini Incubator

Turn up the heat with the CAPPRondo Mini Incubator

Incubating microbial cultures and other life science samples has never been easier with the exceptional CAPPRondo mini incubator. This petite red beauty packs so much value for a lab incubator of its size. If you dread making trips to the central lab incubator, then you will be happy with the CAPPRondo mini incubator – a lab incubator for every workbench. Here are some reasons why the CAPPRondo mini incubator should be on your workbench(es).

Portable lab incubator

Designed for tight spaces, the CAPPRondo mini incubator has a tiny footprint of only 13 x 14.5” which makes it welcome on any workbench large or small. In addition to its small size, the CAPPRondo mini incubator weighs in at only 7.4 kg making it one of the lightest lab incubators on the market. With the small size and light frame, this lab incubator is easy for one person to move from one station to another without risking injury. The CAPPRondo mini incubator is the ideal device for space-limited laboratories and mobile laboratories.

Small lab incubator, large internal chamber

With an internal volume of 22 liters, the CAPPRondo mini incubator has a large internal chamber for its size category. The CAPPRondo mini incubator can accommodate various sample containers ranging from culture plates to vials and even 2-liter bottles. Adjustable shelves make it easy to adjust the storage chamber of the CAPPRondo mini incubator to suit different usage scenarios on the fly. A bright light illuminates the chamber, and an internal socket provides power to small instruments such as shakers.

Lab incubator with wide thermal range

The CAPPRondo mini incubator has excellent thermal control and a wide temperature range. With uniformity of ±1.5⁰C (at 37⁰C) the thermal instrumentation of this little lab incubator is well calibrated to offer even temperatures throughout the internal chamber. Samples can be stored at temperatures as high as 60⁰C for extended periods. Additionally, the CAPPRondo mini incubator can also be used for cooling samples at 15⁰C below ambient temperatures.

Microprocessor controlled lab incubator

CAPPRondo mini incubators feature an advanced microprocessor that offers users fine control of all operating parameters of this advanced lab incubator. The control panel features a large, easy-to-read LED display that shows the real-time temperature of the internal chamber with an accuracy of ±0.5⁰C (at 37⁰C). Four intuitive buttons make it easy to adjust temperature (±1⁰C), time and other settings of the CAPPRondo mini incubator.

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See below the specifications for CAPPRondo Mini Incubator

SpecificationsCAPPRondo Mini Incubator
Temperature Range15°C below ambient, up to 60°C
Temperature Accuracy0.5°C (at 37°C)
Temperature Uniformity+/- 1.5°C (at 37°C)
Temperature Increments+/- 1°C
Exterior Dimensions410x340x480mm
Interior Dimensions260x235x360mm
Capacity22 L
Electrical100-240V, 50-60Hz

See below the features of CAPPRondo Lab Incubator

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Mini Incubator, small Lab Incubator

Large LED Display

shows the temperature of the internal chamber in real time


Small footprint of only 13 x 14,5”

this way the mini incubator fits on most laboratory workbenches



with only 7,4 kg the mini incubator can be moved conveniently from one workbench to another


Large internal chamber

with a volume of 22L, and the possibility to fit 2L bottles inside


Cat. No.Description
CR-MI1Digital Mini Incubator with heating and cooling

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