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Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

In an age where safety concerns are of paramount importance in laboratories at all levels of the scientific community, magnetic hotplate stirrers, with their ability to uniformly heat samples rapidly and with precision, are providing scientists with an excellent alternative to open flame devices such as Bunsen burners and water or oil baths.

How can a magnetic hotplate stirrer streamline your processes?

Magnetic stirrer hot plate, hot plate magnetic stirrerMagnetic hotplate stirrers are small and portable devices, requiring only an electrical socket. Samples can be heated without exposure to a naked flame. Heating magnetic stirrers are particularly useful when accurately controlled temperatures are needed.

Magnetic hotplate stirrers offer multiple heating modes

Rapid heating to the required temperature reduces waiting time, thereby significantly speeding up the process of carrying out experiments or producing mixtures.

Precise temperature and stirring regimes can be set up on a magnetic hotplate stirrer in order to allow for uniform heating and mixing of samples, enabling batch production and/or replication of experiments.

Magnetic hotplate stirrers are user friendly

The large display screens and ability to set safety cut-offs and to lock the buttons once a program has started to prevent accidental changing of the settings make magnetic hotplate stirrers ideal for use in educational establishments.

Heating magnetic stirrers streamline your lab processes

When linked to a magnetic hotplate stirrer, laboratories find themselves able to repeatedly combine components to create homogeneous liquid mixtures (e.g. bacterial growth mixture or buffer solutions). Liquids can also be agitated to speed up reactions or improve mixtures by introducing carefully controlled, and uncontaminated equipment to mixing regimes. The ability to program the machine to heat to a required temperature and stir to a required regime over set periods of time enables overnight or multi-hour heating/mixing without the need for constant human supervision, freeing workers up to carry out other work, thereby maximising the time spent in the laboratory.

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hot plate stirrer hotplate stirrer CappRondo hot plate stirrer Capp Rondo hotplate stirrer

Multiple applications

Programmable speed range: 200-2.200RPM. Heating from ambient to 550°C. Up to 99 individual protocols programmable.


Compact and user-friendly

Large and user-intuitive display, providing an overview of all parameters and enabling easy and comfortable operation.


Nano-crystalline glass ceramic plate

Easy to clean and highly chemically resistant.


Top Plate Dimensions

180x180mm. Protection Class IP 21.

The advantage of the CAPPRondo magnetic hotplate stirrer

CappRondo Capp Rondo laboratory mixing equipmentThe heating magnetic stirrerr from CAPP is a space-saving design, featuring a ceramic hotplate which offers excellent chemical resistance to corrosive substances, and an easy wipe clean surface which is white, offering good visibility for titrations and other work where seeing liquid colour and changes is important. Unlike some other hotplates, CAPPRondo magnetic hotplate stirrer offers homogeneous temperature distribution across the plate, allowing for uniformity of liquid heating.

CAPP magnetic hotplate stirrer is of concealed design, meeting IP21 protection regulations. It is suitable for mixing and heating low viscosity liquids up to a capacity of 20 litres and is suitable for use in general laboratories, pharmacies, schools and universities. The ideal ambient temperature for safe use of the unit is 25oC ± 1oC and the maximum temperature is 350/550oC

Because of its size, CAPP heating magnetic stirrer is easy to clean and offers the minimal risk of contamination to any mixtures it comes into contact with. There are no external parts to break or wear out, making it an excellent investment for laboratories at all levels. The pre-programmable stirring and pulsing speeds ensure consistency of stirring, enabling reproduction of mixtures time and the ability to mix liquids over long periods of time with accuracy.

CAPPRondo magnetic hotplate stirrer has a variety of pre-programmable cycles to enable different work to be carried out and also features three specifically designed heating modes, which can be personalised with temperature, stirring speed and duration of the program.

Magnetic hotplate stirrer modes: Slow, Rapid or Fast – which heating mode works best for my application?

slow heating mode magnetic stirrer

H01 SLOW heating magnetic stirrer mode

This setting is used for liquids that are very sensitive to temperature change. CAPPRondo heating magnetic stirrer working on this mode will rise the temperature quickly to a point just below the set temperature and then rise it slowly, with high accuracy to the pre-selected temperature. Once the unit reaches the pre-selected temperature it will maintain it with an accuracy of ± 1oC for the duration of the program time you have selected before starting your experiment.

This magnetic hotplate stirrer heating mode is particularly useful for processes such as making biodiesel from vegetable oil, looking at acid-base digestion, acid distilling and general reagent heating.

fast heating mode magnetic stirrer

H02 FAST heating magnetic stirrer mode

This setting heats solutions rapidly. The temperature rises quickly but can fluctuate ±15oC before stabilising to your pre-selected temperature. Once stabilised, the heating magnetic stirrer will remain constant at ± 1oC of your chosen temperature for the duration of your pre-selected time.

Sample drying, evaporation, this setting will also help you speed up the reaction times of the chemicals you are mixing or studying, but will also keep an eye on the highest temperature that they can achieve.

Rapid heating mode magnetic stirrer

H03 RAPID heating magnetic stirrer mode

Working on this setting, CAPPRondo magnetic hotplate stirrer will heat a solution much more rapidly than the other two modes and is utilised when you want to heat a liquid rapidly, but you are not concerned about the accuracy of the temperature reached throughout the process. Although a temperature is pre-selected before starting the program, the unit will achieve this temperature quickly, but may initially overshoot by ± 15oC before slowly stabilising to the pre-selected temperature.

Further reasons to choose a heating magnetic stirrer for your lab

CAPPRondo magnetic hotplate stirrer can be programmed with a “safe temperature” that will automatically shut the system down if it is exceeded. This temperature should be set to at least 25oC lower than the fire point of whichever media is being used in a particular experiment.

CAPPRondo magnetic hotplate stirrer is equipped with a programmable “pulse mode” as well as 3 “line mode” and 99 pre-programmable speed/time/temperature modes, making CAPPRondo heating magnetic stirrer extremely versatile and ensuring the replication of any experiments or processes undertaking using the unit.

Finally, CAPPRondo magnetic hotplate stirrer offers an “Auto re-start” function if a power failure occurs, ensuring that the program running at the time of shutdown restarts when power is restored but takes into account time already spent on the program.

There is no doubt that the compact design and the multiple programmable functions, alongside the three specific heating programs available on CAPPRondo magnetic hotplate stirrer makes it a valuable addition to any general science laboratory.