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PCR pipette tips

PCR Pipette Tips – the newest addition to Capp’s 10µl tips portfolio

Complementing its range of 10µl tips, Capp is introducing Expell and ExpellPlus low retention 10µL XL extra narrow tips, which are especially optimal for PCR applications.
Thanks to their extra narrow tip orifice, the new PCR pipette tips support even a less skilled user in reaching consistency in their pipetting protocol, significantly improving the reproducibility of their pipetting results.

Capp’s range of pipette tips offers various options for laboratory applications. The 10µl portfolio consist of 10µl tips in standard and extended length. The new PCR pipette tips bring it a step further, adding an option of an extra narrow orifice to the extended length feature. The new PCR pipette tips, having the extra narrow orifice and enabling extended reach are ideal for all PCR applications, whereas the standard 10µl tips may still be the preferred choice by pipetting liquids with higher density than water. The slightly wider orifice of the 10µl standard and extended length tips enable a high precision pipetting, even on very low volume ranges.

On the top of that, the new PCR pipette tips are available in standard and low retention version, minimizing sample binding inside the tip and additionally supporting results’ reproducibility.
With the addition of PCR pipette tips, the users can now choose which of the 3 different designs of Capp 10µl tips will be the best choice for their lab protocol, and for their preferred pipette brand.

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Ordering Information for Capp PCR pipette tips

Cat. No.Description
5030061CExpellPlus 10µl XL, Extra Narrow, pre-sterile w/ filter, hinged racks, 5x10x96 pcs
5130061CExpell 10µl XL, Extra Narrow, pre-sterile w/ filter, hinged racks, 5x10x96 pcs
5131061CExpell 10µl XL, Extra Narrow, bag, w/ filter, 20×1000 pcs.
5130041CExpell 10µl XL, Extra Narrow, clear, bag, 20×1000 pcs.
5030041CExpellPlus 10µl XL, Extra Narrow, clear, bag, 20×1000 pcs.
5030046CExpell 10µl XL, Extra Narrow, hinged racks, 5x10x96 pcs.
5030051CExpellPlus 10µl XL, Extra Narrow, pre-sterile, hinged racks, 5x10x96 pcs.