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CAPP Pipette Starter Kit

When it comes to quintessential tools for the modern laboratory, the pipette sits at the top of the list. Measuring microliter volumes at the bench would be otherwise near impossible without an accurate, well built set of pipettes and pipette tips. CAPP conveniently offers a variety of Pipette Starter Kits complete with 3 pipettes, 3 racks of corresponding tips, a pipette stand and a handy laboratory timer. Made of durable materials and quality control tested, the pipettes and tips in our Pipette Starter Kit offer accuracy and precision like none other. Let’s have a look at the various Pipette Starter Kits we offer and why your lab can benefit from them.

Customizable Pipette Starter Kits

Pipette Starter Kit

CAPP Pipette Starter Kits offer single channel pipettes from three models of CAPP pipettes: the ecopipette, CAPP Solo and CAPP Bravo models. Users can choose a preset kit composing of 10, 100 and 1000 microliter volumes; 20, 200 and 1000 microliter volumes; or any three sizes of the same model. Along with the three pipettes, each Pipette Starter Kit includes a stand, corresponding racked CAPP EXPellPlus pipette tips and a timer for convenient use, packaged altogether in a compact kit. No matter the model, all CAPP pipetters offer industry leading accuracy and precision, are made of durable materials and are designed with ergonomics in mind to offer the user a comfortable experience.

The included CAPP EXPellPlus pipette tips come in autoclavable racks, packed in user friendly and space saving dispenser boxes. The tips are made of low retention polypropylene, and are certified to be free of RNase, DNase and Pyrogens. The ExpellPlus racked pipette tips have unique low retention properties to minimize sample binding and significantly improve pipetting results, helping you to save on the reagent at the same time.

ecopipette Pipette Starter Kit

CAPP ecopipette starter kitFeatured in this Pipette Starter Kit is CAPP’s line of ecopipette. The ecopipette is packaged using easily recyclable eco-friendly materials, constructed of some of the most renewable resources available while still maintaining quality and durability. These environmental efforts are in line with our sustainability efforts and the ecotrade program to reduce the carbon footprint of laboratory activities globally. Simply contact your local CAPP Representative to find out how you can return your all pipettes, regardless the brand, to be recycled in Germany. The ecopipette features high quality stainless steel pistons and anodized aluminum tip cones, both of which ensure maximum durability and longevity of factory set calibration unlike plastic components which waer out much more easily. The ecopipette body is fully autoclavable, and is the only pipette with fixed and variable exchangeable counter mechanism. Its lockable volume controller requires 50% fewer turns and the display is fully visible during hand-held operations. Like all CAPP pipettes the ecopipette is compatible with most major tip brands. This Pipette Starter Kit is a great option for the eco-conscious buyer who is looking for a quality, dependable and accurate pipette set.

CAPP Solo Pipette Starter Kit

CAPP Solo Pipette Starter KitCAPP Solo Single Channel Pipettes are cost effective, durable and practical tools designed for laboratories with limited budgets. These pipettes meet industry standards of accuracy and precision, ensuring no compromises in quality and performance. Buyers can rest assured that CAPP Solo pipettes provide top quality in addition to being offered at a cost effective price point. CAPP Solo pipettes are universally compatible with CAPP EXPellPlus pipette tips and most major tip brands. To add to an already great deal, CAPP Solo Pipettes are backed by a two-year warranty. The CAPP Solo Pipette Starter Kit is a great bargain for budget conscious buyers who still want a precise and accurate product for their pipetting applications.

CAPP Bravo Pipette Starter Kit

CAPP Bravo Pipette Starter KitThe CAPP Bravo pipette line offers a lightweight ergonomic design with the latest innovations in pipetting technology to create the most user-friendly manual pipette on the market today. CAPP Bravo pipettes are constructed of the highest quality autoclavable materials, feature a feather-light plunger and ejection forces as well as a built-in oversized indicator for easy volume monitoring and precise adjustment. Like all CAPP pipettes, the Bravo line is compatible with CAPP EXPellPlus pipette tips and most major tip brands. For the user seeking an ergonomic and high quality experience, the CAPP Bravo pipettes make this Pipette Starter Kit an excellent pick.

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CAPP ecopipette Pipette Starter Kit
SK-03-E01 Three pipettes C10-1 /C100-1 /C1000-1, C-05 stand, 3 racks of tips and  1 timer
SK-03-E02 Three pipettes C20-1 /C200-1 /C1000-1, C-05 stand, 3 racks of tips and  1 timer
SK-03-XX Three pipettes free of choice, C-01 stand, 3 racks of tips and  1 timer
CAPP Solo Pipette Starter Kit 
SK-03-S01 Three pipettes S10-1 /S100-1 /S1000-1, C-05 stand, 3 racks of tips and  1 timer
SK-03-S02 Three pipettes S20-1 /S200-1 /S1000-1, C-05 stand, 3 racks of tips and  1 timer
CAPP Bravo Pipette Starter Kit
SK-03-B01 Three pipettes B10-1 /B100-1 /B1000-1, C-05 stand, 3 racks of tips and  1 timer
SK-03-B02 Three pipettes B20-1 /B200-1 /B1000-1, C-05 stand, 3 racks of tips and  1 timer
SK-03-BB Three pipettes free of choice, C-05 stand, 3 racks of tips and  1 timer