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CAPP Ecopipette: The Micropipette for Cell Culture

It is undeniable that cell culture has revolutionized medical and life science research in several remarkable ways. Seasoned scientists would agree that the success of cell culture largely depends on the tools that one has as well as their technique. In this blog post we are going to show you how you can optimize your toolbox by selecting Ecopipette - the micropipette for cell culture. This innovative lab pipette has some excellent features that any scientist working with cell culture would appreciate.

Robust lab pipette

One of the standout features of cell culture research is the use of established cell lines. These long-lived cells may be cultured multiple times over with replicable results. In an analogous manner, the CAPP Ecopipette micropipette is created to service cell culture labs for extended periods of time. All the critical components of this lab pipette are purposefully crafted from high-grade metal parts for extra durability. This allows cell culture labs to use a micropipette that lasts as long as their established cell lines.

Autoclavable micropipette

Contamination is last thing any scientist would ever want in their cell culture preparations. With the autoclavable Ecopipette lab pipette, you do not have to worry about introducing contaminants that could potentially ruin all your hard work. The Ecopipette micropipette can be safely sterilized by autoclaving at 120⁰C to destroy any potential biotic contaminants of cell cultures. When used together with sterile CAPP Expell filtered micropipette tips, the Ecopipette lab pipette provides users an end-to-end sterile pipetting workflow that they can count on.

Ergonomic lab pipette

Several steps in cell culture workflows require meticulous motor control of the micropipette to achieve certain actions without damaging cultured cells. From the aspiration of liquids to the resuspension of pellets after centrifugation, good micropipette skills are critical to the success of cell culture protocols. The Ecopipette lab pipette features excellent ergonomics, and this minimizes the risk of operator fatigue and repetitive strain injury as users try to balance good posture with the need to carefully aspirate liquids.

Innovative cell culture lab pipette

Most cell culture preparations take place within the confines of a laminar flow cabinet to minimize the chances of contamination. With the restricted space inside laminar flow cabinets, it can be a challenge to fit a rack of several lab pipettes for use in one protocol. The innovative exchangeable volume counter mechanism of Ecopipette micropipettes does away with the need to fit several lab pipettes in such a tiny space. The vivid colors of the counters make quick work of selecting the correct volume for your Ecopipette micropipette at each step of the protocol.

Accurate and dependable Micropipette

One of the hallmarks of CAPP Ecopipette micropipettes is their exceptional accuracy and precision. These lab pipettes are designed with metal parts to minimize the need for preventive maintenance and frequent recalibration. The tip cones of Ecopipette lab pipettes feature double O-rings that create an airtight seal with micropipette tips. The double O-ring setup ensures unparalleled accuracy for all cell culture steps requiring the use of a micropipette. While the Ecopipette lab pipette is optimized for use with CAPP’s several micropipette tips, it is cross-compatible with lab pipette tips from a broad range of suppliers.

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Cell culture does not need to be overcomplicated by the use of subpar lab equipment such as non-reliable lab pipettes. After using the Ecopipette micropipette, your cell culture experience will never be the same again. Ecopipette lab pipettes are designed to make liquid transfer simple, accurate and replicable. With Ecopipette micropipettes, you can achieve remarkable results from every cell culture preparation. Never settle for less than the best quality micropipette for your lab.

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