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Optimize your work with CappTrio fixed volume pipettes

Many clinical analysis labs prefer to use fixed volume single channel pipettes instead of variable ones for reasons that range from convenience of use, errors risk reduction and finally the cost. CappTrioTM offers market’s unique technology of detachable volume controller knobs. Instead of placing the volume mechanism inside the pipette handle, as all other manufactures do, we moved it to the detachable plunger at the very top of the pipette. This gives you the unique possibility to switch between variable and fixed volumes. One pipette body and several detachable volume knobs combines many fixed volume pipettes in one!

This unique feature makes CappTrioTM the ideal tool for Clinical Laboratory labs. Choose between three pre-defined volume sets:
C10-T1 Capp Tri-volume 1ul, 5ul and 10ul
C100-T2 Capp Tri-volume 20ul, 50ul and 100ul
C1000-T3 Capp Tri-volume 200ul, 500ul and 1000ul
Or create your own set, choosing:
CXXX-T Capp Tri-Volume Custom Set

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More information on CappTrio pipettes can be found here.