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Open your cryotube without taking it out of the box! Optimize your cryogenic storage with Capp Expell products!

Cryogenic storage is now simpler than ever before. Expell cryobox 10×10 dividers has special ribs in the bottom of each well, preventing Exell cryotube from turning around upon opening. This way you can open your cryotube without taking it out of the cryobox 10×10.

To make the cryogenic storage even simpler, Expell cryotube can be closed by only half a turn. You may wonder if the cryotube is leakproof – the cryotube obtains a LipSeal closure by only half a turn, securing 100% leakproofness. LipSeal is normally associated with an internal sealing O-ring, but this solution has a major disadvantage in terms of the cross contamination. Expell cryotube obtains LipSeal leakproof closure by only half a turn without the use of any internal sealing O-rings. This is possible thanks to the innovation in Capp’s approach to cryogenic storage, where both the cryotube and its lid are made of exactly the same material, resulting in an identical coefficient of expansion.

What makes Capp cryogenic storage extremely user-friendly is also the fact that you can take up the cryobox 10×10 dividers by its lid without dropping the bottom of the box on the floor. Expell cryobox 10×10 has been constructed in a way where both the lid and the bottom has 2 slanged edges, assuring proper lid position matching the numerical coding on the top of the lid with the coding on the bottom of the cryobox 10×10 and assuring a firm attachment of the lid to the bottom of the cryobox 10×10.

Expell cryotube is one of the only external thread tubes suitable for cryogenic storage on a cryobox 10×10 dividers. The unique streamlined design of Expell cryotube enables you to save up to 23% of your cryogenic storage capacity, compared to storing on a standard box with 9×9 dividers. With Expel cryobox 10×10 dividers you can store up to 100 external thread Expell tubes instead of the standard 81 tubes stored on a 9×9 box.