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Cryo Storage Boxes Innovation

Capp introduces Expell Cryo Racks

The innovative line of Expell cryo racks opens new optimisation possibilities for your cryogenic storage. Flexibely constructed, the Expell cryo storage boxes accomodate cryo tubes in sizes from 0.5 to 5mL. Expell cryo storage boxes are compatible with the majority of cryo vials available on the market, though used along with Expell cryo tubes, they provide additional 23% of storage capacity. This is possible thanks to the uniquely streamlined design of Capp cryo tubes, making them one of the only external thread cryo tubes suitable for storage on cryo racks with 10 x 10 dividers. On the top of that, you can store approximately 30% more samples on your ULT (ultralow temperature) freezer when using the 0.5mL Expell cryotubes with the right match racks for storage on ULT and 32mm cryo boxes, compared to the use of conventional 2.0mL cryotubes and 50mm boxes. The 0.5mL cryo tube from Capp is the smallest cryo vial available on the market.

All Expell cryo racks have 10 x 10 dividers, accommodating 100 tubes in total. The numercial coding of each cryo racks’ well, enables a quick and easy sample identification. On the top of that, Expell cryo storage boxes have a star-foot lock at the bottom of each well, enabling one-handed tube opening without taking the tube out of the box. The slanted edges of Expell cryo racks make the handling and identification even easier. Made of highly durable polypropylene, Expell cryo storage boxes endure freezing at -90°C and autoclaving at +121°C. Test the innovative features of Expell cryo racks and receive free samples worldwide.

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