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Small cryopreservation samples

Optimize your cryopreservation storage capacity

Capp Expell cryogenic products represent a new approach to space optimization in cryopreservation. Addressing the trend of cryopreservation samples being smaller and smaller, Capp developed one of the smallest cryogenic consumables available on the market – the Expell cryo tube of 0.5 mL. Expell cryogenic consumables are one of the first external thread vials suitable for storage on boxes with 10 x 10 dividers. Competitive external thread cryogenic consumables can only be stored on 9 x 9 boxes. With Expell cryogenic products you save up to 23% of your cryopreservation storage space. Additionally, you can store approximately 30% more of your cryopreservation samples on the ULT (ultralow temperature) freezer when using the 0.5mL Expell cryotubes with the right match racks for storage on ULT and 32mm cryo boxes, compared to the use of conventional 2.0mL cryotubes and 50mm boxes. Optimize your cryopreservation capacity and test Expell cryogenic consumables free of charge worldwide.

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