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Black Microtubes, Individually Wrapped Pipette Tips, 0.1mL PCR Consumables, Cryo Tubes, 1.5mL Low Retention Microtubes, 4 Place Plate Shaker, The Newest Technology in Electronic Pipettes and many more! See the overview below.

Black Microtubes 1.5mL

Ideal for applications requiring photo-sensitive, fluorescent or ethidium bromide probes.

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Individually Wrapped Tips

Ideal for sensitive applications requiring the strictest aseptic conditions.

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0.1mL PCR Consumables

15.6-16.6 mm high, fitting in majority of fast PCR and qPCR thermocyclers which require low profile tubes.

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Cryo Tubes

External thread, fitting 10×10 boxes, lip seal 100% leakproof closure without use of internal O-rings.

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1.5mL Low Retention Microtubes

Manufactured from virgin PP, out of the finest molds available, sterile, DNase, RNase and Pyrogen free certified.

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4 Place Plate Shaker

Orbital microplate shaker enables thorough, simultaneous mixing in up to 4 individual microplates of various types.

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Newest Technology in Electronic Pipettes


Multiple users can work with CappMaestro electronic pipette, easily accessing their individual calibration settings and protocols when logging onto the pipette.


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