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CAPP: The ultimate Protein Expression Lab Equipment

CAPP: The ultimate Protein Expression Lab Equipment

Throughout history, the scientists that have successfully navigated the frontiers of science have depended on innovative and high-quality tools. To aid the brilliant researchers and scientists doing cutting-edge work in the life sciences, CAPP has invested innumerable resources towards the manufacture of equipment and consumables that enable their best work. This blog post will outline some of the outstanding protein expression tools from CAPP that will boost your productivity and bring about dependable results.

High-efficiency Protein Expression Lab hotplate stirrer

Designed to deliver exceptional performance consistently, the CAPPRondo hot plate stirrer is a must-have for every protein expression lab. With generous run times (1-999 min) and variable speed settings (200-2200 rpm), this is the perfect protein expression tool for quick and easy media preparation. Scientists working in protein expression labs will appreciate the even heating provided by the CAPPRondo hot plate stirrer as this ensures quick media dissolution. Coated with a robust nano-crystalline glass-ceramic, the heating plate is protected from the accidental spills that often happen in protein expression labs. Protein expression lab personnel can pre-program the CAPPRondo hot plate stirrer to run continuously without supervision.

CAPPSolo: The single channel pipette for Protein Expression Labs

Single channel pipettes are probably the most used protein expression tool in the lab for good reason. These handy protein expression tools make quick work of liquid transfer and are often readily available at all workstations. CAPPSolo single channel pipettes are the tried, tested and trusted protein expression tools for transferring antibiotics, transformed cells, as well as aspirating cell suspensions. Designed for dependable accuracy, CAPPSolo single channel pipettes are one of the few protein expression tools for liquid-transfer that can boast of long-term calibration retention. With a light and ergonomic chassis designed to minimize the risk of repetitive strain injury, CAPPSolo single channel pipettes are also fully robust – offering good protection against chemical exposure, autoclaving and those accidental drops that would ruin many inferior protein expression tools.

BluCAPP Centrifuge Tubes: the ultimate choice for Protein Expression

Glass is the default choice for many life scientists when running their various experiments because it is generally affordable, easy to clean, and readily available. For protein expression labs, however, glass can be difficult to work with owing to its brittle nature. This is where BluCAPP centrifuge tubes shine as they are crafted to provide a superior experience for protein expression lab scientists. BluCAPP centrifuge tubes are easy to handle, featuring ¾-turn closures that speed up opening and sealing. Clearly marked and easy-to-read graduations reduce eye strain, a welcome departure from small fonts on protein expression tools. Unlike many glass flasks that often crack and fall apart, BluCAPP centrifuge tubes provide a robust containment device when working with protein expression tools such as shakers and vortex mixers.

CAPP ExpellPlus low retention tips: Created for Protein Expression

High-quality pipette tips are a must-have in every protein expression tool kit and scientists working in leading protein expression labs do not settle for anything less than the best. CAPP ExpellPlus low retention tips are packed with several features that are specifically tailored for excellent liquid transfers in protein expression labs. Each tip is made from premium-grade polypropylene that is characterized by industry leading visual clarity and a very low liquid retention. Designed for universal compatibility, CAPP ExpellPlus low retention tips can be used with a broad range of protein expression tools for liquid transfer such as micropipettes and robots. A premium-quality HDPE filter protects protein expression lab samples from cross-contamination, ensuring dependable results with every run.

CAPPRondo platform shaker: A well-crafted Protein Expression Tool

As cultures for protein expression are often prepared in a range of container types, it can be a nightmare to find the best protein expression tool for agitating cultures during incubation. This is not an issue for those protein expression labs that have adopted the delightful CAPPRondo platform shaker. Supplied with a wide range of attachments, this is one protein expression tool that is universally compatible with a broad variety of culture containers. Operating parameters can be easily programmed via an intuitive control panel with three digital displays and touch buttons. This protein expression tool also features auto-restore memory enabling users to continue with their most recent program in the event of a disturbance.

Beautiful and fast Protein Expression Lab microcentrifuge

Most protein expression lab scientists and technicians would agree that a microcentrifuge is one of the most important protein expression tools in their lab. The CAPPRondo microcentrifuge not only serves as an excellent protein expression tool, it does so in style! Featuring a posh red exterior that would add a touch of brilliance to any protein expression lab, and a minimalistic aesthetic, the CAPPRondo microcentrifuge is a beautifully compact device. Under the hood is a powerful, ultra-quiet motor that provides spin speeds of up to 6000 RPM (2000 x g max. RCF) for quick spinning of protein expression samples. True to CAPP’s commitment to safe protein expression tools, the CAPPRondo microcentrifuge also features an electronic brake mechanism, stabilizing suction pads, and automatic imbalance cut-off.

The ultimate Protein Expression Lab magnetic hotplate stirrer

Intentionally crafted in a petite size that fits anywhere within the protein expression lab, the CAPPRondo magnetic hotplate stirrer is as handy as it is portable. With a bright digital display gracing the control panel of this modern protein expression tool, it is easy for first-timers and professionals alike to get up to speed with their protein expression lab workflows. Programming this protein expression tool is both enjoyable and intuitive. Featuring adjustable speed controls, time-limited and continuous run times, as well as a pulse mode, the CAPPRondo magnetic protein expression lab stirrer gives bigger tools a run for their money. With its IP21 rating, the CAPPRondo magnetic hotplate stirrer is designed to last long in any protein expression lab.

Robust plastic cryoboxes for Protein Expression Labs

Sample storage can be a nightmare for those protein expression labs that process hundreds of samples every month. With CAPP, you can sleep easy knowing that there is a perfect protein expression tool for every stage of your workflow. CAPP Expell plastic cryoboxes are a robust and neat protein expression tool in which to store cryotubes with samples. Manufactured from a very durable custom blend of polypropylene, CAPP Expell plastic cryoboxes are thermostable (-90⁰C to +121⁰C) and autoclave-ready. With an innovative numerical coding system, these are the protein expression tool for stress-free sample storage and retrieval. A star-foot locking mechanism at the bottom of each sample well enables users to open cryotubes with one hand, freeing the other hand to handle other protein expression tools such as a CAPPSolo single channel pipette. CAPP Expell plastic cryoboxes are supplied with 9×9 or 10×10 grids and they are available in 5 height variants to accommodate the diverse range of cryotubes used in protein expression labs.

Eco-friendly cardboard cryoboxes for Protein Expression Labs

As more and more protein expression labs become committed to easing the environmental burden of plastic based protein expression tools, CAPP has provided a great first step. With the eco-friendly CAPP Expell cardboard cryoboxes as part of your protein expression tool kit, you can rest satisfied that both your samples and the environment are safe. Constructed from premium-quality, recyclable cardboard with a water-repellent finish, these cryoboxes provide exceptional value for protein expression labs that store many samples. The easy-to-write exterior makes sample indexing easy, while the removable grid system (9×9 or 10×10) provides greater storage flexibility. Just like the other protein expression tools in CAPP’s portfolio, Expell cardboard cryoboxes are robust and designed for long-lasting service. All Expell cardboard cryoboxes are resistant to accidental spills and exposure to protein expression lab chemicals such as mild organic solvents and alcohols.

CAPPController: The ultimate pipette controller for Protein Expression labs

Liquid handling in the protein expression lab is as much of an art as it is a science. Without the correct protein expression tools for liquid handling, it is easy to make costly mistakes that can ruin an entire project. The electronic CAPPController pipette controller with fully adjustable speed settings takes the guesswork out of protein expression lab liquid handling workflows. This ergonomic protein expression tool for liquid handling only weighs 167g, but it packs a powerful motor that comfortably fills 50ml CAPP serological pipettes in under 10 seconds. Powered by a lithium-ion battery with no memory effect, this cutting-edge protein expression tool provides up to 12 hours of power for an uninterrupted liquid transfer flow. A vapor outlet for venting out fluids and fumes also provides for user safety and sample protection – the hallmarks of any exceptional protein expression tool.

CAPPHarmony: Serological pipettes for the modern Protein Expression Lab

No other protein expression tool can handle high-volume liquid transfers quite like the trusty old serological pipette. For many of our customers around the globe, CAPPHarmony serological pipettes are the protein expression tool of choice for liquid transfer in media preparations and buffer preparations. With sharp, easy-to-read graduations, CAPPHarmony pyrogen-free serological pipettes allow scientists the comfort of accurate and dependable liquid transfers, with a margin of error of only ±2% (impressive for such a protein expression tool). Each polystyrene CAPPHarmony serological pipette is compatible with the CAPPController pipette controller for protein expression labs, making a formidable combo that will tackle any pipetting task in their volume range. Additionally, the color-coded mouthpiece is universally compatible with other pipette controllers that may already be in your protein expression lab.

CAPP Expell & ExpellSecure Microcentrifuge tubes for Protein Expression Labs

All well meaning protein expression labs rely on a dependable microcentrifuge for spinning down samples and other reagents at some stage of their workflow. What good would be an outstanding protein expression tool like the CAPPRondo microcentrifuge without appropriately matched microcentrifuge tubes. With the Expell and ExpellSecure microcentrifuge tubes from CAPP, centrifugation is twice as easy. These innovative protein expression tools feature a uniquely designed click-lock lid that prevents opening during spin cycles, and creates the perfect seal to prevent sample loss due to evaporation at high temperatures (-80⁰C to 120⁰C thermal range). Additionally, CAPP Expell and ExpellSecure microcentrifuge tubes are designed for fast and effortless single-handed opening and closing, the underpinnings of a great protein expression tool.

CAPP Expell cryotubes - the ultimate Protein Expression Tool for storing samples

At some stage of the various protein expression workflows, sample or media storage will be required. It is in such moments that many scientists wish for one protein expression tool to rule them all. What was once a dream has become a reality in the CAPP Expell cryotubes for protein expression labs. Just like all the other innovative protein expression tools from CAPP, Expell cryotubes have several features designed to make life easier for researchers working in protein expression labs. A lip seal cap does away with the need for O-rings while preventing sample leakage, while the QuickSeal design allows opening and closing with half a turn. These excellent tubes are the only external thread tubes on the market that provide protein expression labs extra value for their freezer space by providing 23% extra storage capacity when used with 10 x 10 cryoboxes. Colored cap inserts help scientists categorize their protein expression samples easily by providing customizable and unmistakable visual sorting cues.

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