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Meet the NEW Cell Culture Incubating Shaker

Cell cultures play an invaluable role in modern biomedical research. Because of cell culture techniques we have developed a clearer understanding of physiological and pathological conditions at the cellular level and below. Successful cell cultures rely on premium-quality incubating microplate shakers such as the new CAPPRondo 4-plate incubator shaker. This small and portable cell culture shaker helps you grow and maintain your cell culture plates like you would in a bigger shaking incubator, but with the advantage of easier mobility. In this article, we will give an overview of the CAPPRondo CRPI-412X incubating microplate shaker for 96/384-well microplates, and why you should consider getting one for your lab.

Chemically resistant and robust Cell Culture Shaker

Featuring an all-white composite body contrasted with the bold reds of CAPP’s branding, the CAPPRondo cell culture shaker offers chemically resistant and robust housing. The all-white composite body of the incubating microplate shaker is designed to blend in well with most laboratory environments, providing a touch of class to any laboratory bench. In addition to providing good aesthetics, the composite body of the CAPPRondo shaking incubator also provides extra strength and protection for the device and makes it easy to clean. With its superior chemical resistance, the new composite body design gives the CAPPRondo cell culture shaker protection against many corrosive reagents and chemicals. This means cell culture laboratories can enjoy a long-lasting pristine look when they invest in the CAPPRondo incubating microplate shaker.

Microprocessor controlled Cell Culture Shaker

The CAPPRondo 4-plate cell culture shaker features an advanced microprocessor system that gives users of the shaking incubator extra control over their culture conditions. One key benefit of a microprocessor-controlled shaking incubator is the flexibility of adjusting cell culture conditions to match the needs of the cell line. With the CAPPRondo incubator shaker’s innovative microprocessor, users can easily program the shaking incubator’s run time and mixing speed. Once the operating parameters are set, the microprocessor of the incubating microplate shaker maintains the desired settings until the end of the run. This level of control and finesse is only found in premium-quality cell culture shakers such as the CAPPRondo incubating microplate shaker.

Shaking Incubator with intuitive control panel

Designed for simplicity, the CAPPRondo cell culture shaker is packed with several intuitive features that make it easy to operate. Decked with a bright digital display that reduces eye strain, users can quickly adjust all operating parameters on the cell culture shaker. The display on the CAPPRondo incubating microplate shaker shows time (hh:mm), speed (RPM), and temperature (⁰C or ⁰F) for easy monitoring of cell cultures. Next to the display, the incubator shaker has soft and responsive touch button controls for quick and easy adjusting of incubation settings. In addition to time, speed, and temperature controls, the CAPPRondo incubating microplate shaker also features a pulse button. With the pulse mode, the CAPPRondo cell culture shaker provides short bursts of vigorous shaking (30-99 seconds).

Cell Culture Shaker with brushless motor

The new CAPPRondo cell culture shaker is equipped with a long-life brushless DC motor designed to provide reliable performance in both long and short incubation cycles. This high-performing motor allows the incubator shaker to mix cell cultures for extended runs ranging from 1-999 minutes and beyond. With the motor’s maintenance-free design, scientists can spend more time growing their cell cultures and less time worrying about servicing their cell culture incubator. The CAPPRondo incubating microplate shaker’s motor supports a 3 mm orbital motion for more effective mixing of cell culture plates. A programmable pulse mode enables the motor to ramp up its motion for short bursts of vigorous shaking.

Test your CAPPRondo CRPI-412X cell culture shaker today

With its portable size and excellent feature set, the CAPPRondo incubating microplate shaker is an excellent value proposition for any cell culture laboratory. The CAPPRondo incubating microplate shaker is available in various countries around the world. With our global distributor network, your CAPPRondo cell culture shaker order will be delivered in the shortest possible time.

The CAPPRondo incubating microplate shaker is the truly accurate, truly robust cell culture shaker.

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Stable Incubating Microplate Shaker

With its large platform, the CAPPRondo incubating microplate shaker must provide stable shaking for cell cultures. This innovative incubating microplate shaker uses two mechanisms that are tailored to complement each other and provide industry-leading stabilization for a shaking incubator of its class. Each of the four microplate positions on the cell culture shaker is stabilized by a rubber O-ring. This prevents spillages and keeps cultures shaking uniformly while incubating in the CAPPRondo shaking incubator. In addition to the CAPPRondo incubating microplate shaker’s rubber O-ring structure, an internal counterbalance mechanism provides an extra layer of stabilization. The CAPPRondo incubator shaker’s counterbalance mechanism makes sure nutrients are evenly distributed throughout the culture. Additionally, the CAPPRondo shaking incubator keeps the temperature stable within a narrow range of variation (±0.3⁰C).

Versatile Incubator Shaker

The CAPPRondo incubator shaker is a versatile tool that works great for cell culture work and can also be used in other applications as well. Versatile incubator shakers like the CAPPRondo shaking incubator provides excellent value for laboratories with budgetary constraints. With its advanced microprocessor-controlled features, this innovative cell culture shaker can be used in molecular biology assays, immunochemistry assays, and biochemical analyses among others. The CAPPRondo shaking incubator is meticulously crafted for effortless cleaning and decontamination to minimize the risk of cross-contamination. Choose the cell culture incubator that gives you extra value for your money by choosing the CAPPRondo incubator shaker.