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CappRondo Lab Rotator

Keep biological samples in suspension with the new CappRondo Lab Rotator!

Operating fully noislessly at the fixed speed of 30 RPM, the new CappRondo Lab Rotator is ideal for mixing blood, aerating cultures and all related general mixing applications.

Its strong, metal design and rubber feet ensure an ultimate bench stability upon operation. On the top of that, CappRondo lab rotator is extremely compact, requiring the absolute minimum of the benchtop space.

Samples are being mixed in a gentle movement and contineous mode, until the instrument is switched off.

CappRondo lab rotator offers a capacity of 16 tubes, consisting of 4 ESR and 12 blood collection tubes. Its maximum operational weight capacity is 1.5kg.

The disc plate of CappRondo lab rotator can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement. The plate is fixed at the angle of 38 degrees.

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