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CappRondo blood tube rotator

Capp introduces CappRondo Blood Tube Mixer

The new CappRondo blood tube rotator puts an increased focus on efficient mixing of blood samples, viscous substances and liquid-solid suspensions. With its programmable Run-Pause-Run mode and variable time setting from 30 to 99 seconds, Capp blood tube mixer gives the user additional flexibility and improves the mixing process. Furthermore, the rollers of Capp blood tube rotator operate both in rolling and rocking motion, which additionally improves the mixing process.

The motor technology used in Capp blood tube roller mixer ensures quiet and maintenance free operation, which is ideal for excessive use and extended runs. CappRondo blood tube roller mixer can accommodate up to 15 blood tubes of 7mL. The user interface panel is highly intuitive and displays both the time and the speed. CappRondo blood tube rotator operates at the speed range from 10 up to 80 RPM. The user can program up to 9 customized protocols.

To increase the user comfort and lower the contamination risk, Capp blood tube mixer is equipped with easily removable and autoclavable rollers. The stackable design and relatively small footprint optimize the bench space. CappRondo blood tube roller mixer is also suitable for the use in incubators in the temperature up to 40°C and humidity up to 80%.

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