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Capp introduces the new version of 10μl long tips

Following the successful launch of Expell 10μl long tip in bags (5130040C), Capp introduces its new, improved portfolio of 10μl long tips, covering Expell non low-retention and ExpellPlus low-retention filter and non-filter tips, available in bags, racks and uniquely comfortable reload system.
Produced on highly polished Swiss molds, the new range of Capp 10μl long tips offers premium quality at affordable pricing and is compatible with a wide
majority of commonly used pipette brands. Premium quality filters used for the production of ExpellPlus filter tips offer 99.9% bacterial filtration efficiency
and the unique low-retention properties will significantly improve your pipetting results.

Ordering info:
5030060C ExpellPlus 10μl long, pre-sterile w/ filter, hinged racks, 5x10x96 pcs
5131060C ExpellPlus 10μl long, bag, pre-sterile w/ filter, 20×1000 pcs.
5130040C Expell 10μl long, clear, bag, 20×1000 pcs.
5030040C ExpellPlus 10μl long, clear, bag, 20×1000 pcs.
5030045C ExpellPlus 10μl long, hinged racks, 5x10x96 pcs.
5030050C ExpellPlus 10μl long, pre-sterile, hinged racks, 5x10x96 pcs.
5030054C Empty rack for 10μl long tips, 50 pcs.
5030055C Expell 10μl long, reload, 10x10x96 pcs.