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CAPP PCR Consumables

Quality focused PCR Consumables

At CAPP we value continuous improvement and we are committed to finding better ways to make PCR plastic that revolutionizes life science research.
With our two lines of PCR consumables: Expell and ExpellPlus we wish to address and fulfil the widest range of daily laboratory needs and satisfy our customers worldwide, regardless their budget restrictions, by offering broad portfolio of top quality PCR consumables.

All CAPP PCR consumables are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified production facility. This guarantees consistent and demonstrable quality for all our PCR plastics. Both Expell and ExpellPlus PCR consumables are produced in a cleanroom environment that is free from PCR interfering contaminants. CAPP PCR plastics are certified free of endotoxins, ATP, DNA, RNA, DNases, RNases, and PCR inhibitors. With CAPP PCR consumables, you only get the best quality for reliable nucleic acid amplification.

The ultimate choice of ExpellPlus PCR Consumables

ExpellPlus PCR consumables are the ultimate choice for the most crucial applications, where the absolute top reproducibility is a must.
ExpellPlus PCR consumables are all made of exactly the same composition of ultra transparent Polypropylene (PP), which often is the opposite case by the other manufactures of PCR plastic. As there are thousands of different kinds of PP mixtures used for PCR consumables, many users don’t realize how crucial impact the kind of PCR plastic has on the reproducibility of their results. Even sourcing all PCR consumables from one manufacturer doesn’t guarantee the same kind of plastic. ExpellPlus PCR consumables are all made of exactly the same kind of PP, giving you the flexibility in switching between individual tubes, strips of tubes and PCR plates. Moreover, all ExpellPlus PCR consumables have exactly the same thin walls, the same well dimensions and the same type of closure.

All ExpellPlus PCR consumables fit into the majority of fast and standard thermocyclers, making them fully universal.

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Choosing ExpellPlus universal PCR consumables, you only differentiate between the low profile 0.1 mL PCR plastic, which are suitable for fast thermocyclers and the regular profile 0.2 mL PCR consumables, being the perfect choice for standard thermocyclers.

Both the 0.1 and 0.2 mL ExpellPlus PCR consumables are available as individual tubes with caps, strip tubes without and with attached caps and PCR plates. ExpellPlus PCR consumables are designed for PCR and qPCR applications and especially recommended by those applications, where the optical qPCR signal is obtained through the bottom of the tubes. All ExpellPlus PCR consumables are featured with extra low adhesion. The inner surface of ExpellPlus PCR consumables is specially treated to reduce the binding of protein. Moreover, all ExpellPlus PCR consumables are autoclavable, DNA, DNase, RNA, RNase and Pyrogen Free.

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Expell PCR Consumables – Top Quality affordable worldwide

Expell PCR consumables are the perfect choice for quality oriented labs that work under budget restrictions. Expell PCR plastic offers a polished interior that minimizes protein adhesion while maximizing PCR product recovery. A unique V-shaped design makes for easy liquid transfer and great compatibility with many thermocyclers. Just like the other PCR consumables in our portfolio, this thin walled PCR plastic has excellent thermal properties that provide the best heat transfer. The flat caps of Expell PCR consumables are designed for effortless closing and they provide a near-seamless seal that keeps evaporation rates well below 5%.

Expell PCR consumables are available in 0.1mL and 0.2mL capacities for fast and standard thermocyclers, respectively. The frosted flat caps of Expell PCR plastic provide a surface for easy labeling. For qPCR workflows, Expell PCR consumables can be ordered with ultra-clear caps that provide constant light transmittance for reliable signal detection. These dependable PCR consumables are also compatible with a wide range of real-time PCR thermocyclers.

Expell PCR plastic is available as tubes, 8 tube strips and plates, in multiple product configurations, i.e. with attached caps for minimal cross-contamination or with detached caps for faster workflows. Expell PCR consumables with frosted caps and transparent tubes provide industry-leading signal detection for qPCR machines with bottom detectors. On the other hand, Expell PCR plastic with optical caps and frosted bottoms provides unparalleled light transmittance for real-time PCR using machines with top detectors.

With the high-performance Expell PCR consumables, multi-sample PCR just got easier. Expell PCR plastic is available in a range of skirt formats. The non-skirted 96-well plates fit in most thermocyclers on the market and are available in low profile (0.1mL) and standard profile (0.2mL) sizes. These easy to cut PCR plastics can be resized into smaller plates to accommodate fewer samples without wasting the whole PCR product. Semi-skirted and sub-semi-skirted plates are also available with frosted and clear tubes that are compatible with a range of standard and real-time PCR machines, respectively.

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