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Rocking Platform Shaker

The right Rocking Platform Shaker for Chemistry and Biology

Capp Rocking Platform Shaker is the right choice for Chemistry and Biology, where multiple applications can be carried out on its universally compatible platform. The platform itself is 330x330mm and offers multiple attachment platforms.
Various types of flasks, beakers, test tubes, bowls etc. can be accommodated on Capp rocking platform shaker.
With its orbital / linear motion, Capp rocking platform shaker mixes, blends and agitates liquids and semi-liquids up to a maximum weight of 7.5kg.

Preferred choice Rocking Platform Shaker by processing large volumes

CappRondo rocking platform shaker is ideal for processing larger volumes of substances that require simultaneous agitation.
The speed setting is programmable from 50 to 300 RPM and the time can be set up from 1 to 99 hours and 59 minutes.
The BLDC (brushless DC) motor ensures long lasting and maintenance free operation of the CappRondo rocking platform shaker, making it ideal choice for extended run protocols.

Flexibility of applications with Capp Rocking Platform Shaker

Thanks to its multiple programmable modes, such as motion direction, speed, time, dwell time, sequence and loop operation, Capp rocking platform shaker gives you great flexibility in terms of use. You can program up to 6 individual protocols, each one with additional 9 sub-protocols. The multiple attachment platforms, make Capp rocking platform shaker universally compatible with almost all commonly used vessels.

Test CappRondo Rocking Platform Shaker

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