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CAPPController PA-100: A Modern Serological Pipetting Aid

The CAPPController PA-100 is a lightweight motorized pipetting aid that streamlines liquid transfer for serological pipettes. This is the dream gadget for anyone that has had to struggle with liquid transfer using mechanical serological pipetting aids. The CE and RoHS compliant CAPPController serological pipetting aid takes pipetting with serological pipettes to a whole new level. In this article, we will go over some of the outstanding features of this excellent pipetting aid.

Serological pipetting aid with powerful motor

Under the hood, the CAPPController serological pipetting aid is powered by a powerful motor that delivers top notch performance always. The motor features a blow-out mode, gravity delivery, and fully adjustable speed settings. These features allow the user to have more granular control of liquid transfer tasks, keeping the user in charge always. At maximum speed, the CAPPController pipetting aid can fill up a 50mL serological pipette in an impressive time of under 10 seconds. Now that’s simply raw power!

Test your CAPPController Serological Pipetting Aid

The CAPPController serological pipetting aid is the modern accessory of choice that allows scientists to take control of their time by accelerating liquid transfer tasks without compromising on accuracy. If you would like to test out the CAPPController serological pipetting aid in your lab, simply order a free sample of this nifty device. With the CAPPController pipetting aid, you always stay on top of your pipetting game.

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CappController Pipette. Capp Pipette Controller.

Long-life lithium battery

Lithium battery with no memory effect and up to 12 hours of continuous use.


Robust design

Light and fatigue free, the CAPPController weighs only 167g (including the battery).


Nose Cone

Easy to disassemble and fully autoclavable. Compatible with all well known brands of serological pipettes available on the market.


Powerful motor

Fully adjustable speed setting. Pipette 50mL in less than 10 seconds.

Pipetting aid with function focused design

The CAPPController serological pipetting aid has other functional features that are at the core of its design. A high-quality plastic case helps the CAPPController pipetting aid stay light in the hand, but strong to last for a long time. Exchangeable PTFE disc filters protect the device from accidental overfilling by shutting down the system when excess liquid is detected, protecting your pipetting aid from damage. A vapor outlet on the CAPPController serological pipetting aid provides a channel for venting out corrosive fumes that may damage the unit.

Pipetting aid with lithium ion battery

Unlike other motorized pipetting aids that use old battery technologies, the CAPPController pipetting aid uses the latest lithium ion technology. This means that the CAPPController battery can be recharged multiple times with no memory effect like older nickel-based cells. The power-optimized motor of the CAPPController serological pipetting aid can run for up to half a day of continual use on a single battery charge. When low on power, the CAPPController pipetting aid can be recharged while in use.

Serological pipetting aid compatible with many pipettes

With a cross compatible nose cone design, the CAPPController pipetting aid can be used with a wide range of serological pipettes. The universal design of the silicon pipette holders allows the CAPPController pipetting aid to be used with both glass and plastic pipettes. A wide variety of pipette sizes can be used with the CAPPController serological pipette holder ranging from 0.1mL on the low end to 100mL on the high end. Additionally, the nose cones are easy to assemble and disassemble, and they are fully autoclavable to minimize the risk of contamination.