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Pipette storage. Tips on how to store your pipettes

Pipette storage – prolong your pipette’s life by optimal pipette storage

Being high precision instruments suitable for liquid transfers of volumes as small as 0.1µl, pipettes are quite vulnerable to improper pipette storage.  Horizontal pipette storage on the bench may cause the piston lubricant to cumulate on one side, or even drop of the piston, resulting in a heavy piston movement. Laying your pipette down on the bench with the aspirated liquid inside the tip can cause severe corrosion or contamination damages inside the tip cone. Even a small corrosion inside your pipette can have a significant impact on your pipetting results.

Therefore, proper pipette storage is crucial for the optimal performance of your pipette and can prolong the life of your pipette.
At Capp, we recommend vertical pipette storage. Our packaging is designed to enable vertical pipette storage straight after the production process has been accomplished and until the customer takes the pipette in use for the first time.

Capp has developed a few systems ensuring proper pipette storage of single- and multichannel manual and electronic pipettes:

  1. C-05 stand enables vertical pipette storage for up to 5 pipettes and is suitable for all models of Capp manual pipettes;

  2. C-04 is a smaller version of C-05, where the holes accommodating the pipettes have been made slightly wider and thus suitable for pipette storage of CappMaestro electronic pipettes. On the top of that, C-04 is perfectly suitable for all Capp mechanical pipettes;

  3. C-01 is an innovative stand, enabling vertical pipette storage of an unlimited number of CappAero pipettes, by joining the individual modules together. Each module of C-01 is suitable for pipette storage of 3 single- or multichannel pipettes;

  4. S-06 is a carousel stand for vertical pipette storage of 6 pipettes. It is suitable for all CappAero pipettes, single- and multichannel.

Having pipettes of other brands, contact us for further tips on pipette storage.