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CAPPRondo – The Only PCR Centrifuges You’ll Ever Need for Your Lab!

CAPPRondo – The Only PCR Centrifuges You’ll Ever Need for Your Lab!

Every PCR lab needs to have great microcentrifuges as part of its workflow. This is because the role of a PCR centrifuge is vital. Their absence will literally break the flow. CAPP is proud to show off the results of years of precision engineering combined with the artful strokes of master design that will satisfy the most demanding PCR lab requirements.

CAPPRondo Micro PCR Centrifuge 6.000 rpm

The space efficient CAPPRondo Microcentrifuge is as powerful as it is elegant! Sporting a streamlined Danish design topped with a striking red exterior, this little powerhouse will add a touch of class to any PCR prep hood. Both the fixed speed (CR-68) and variable speed (CR-68X) versions of this PCR centrifuge feature an 8-slot rotor under the hood (no pun intended), that accommodates 1.5 – 2.0 mL tubes. Adaptors are available for smaller tubes (0.2 – 0.4 mL) as well as an optional PCR strip rotor.

When it comes to performance, the CAPPRondo micro PCR centrifuge boasts of a best-in-class centrifugation power of 6.000 rpm (2.000 g). This is all made possible by a powerful motor that outperforms run-of-the-mill microcentrifuges from other providers. Stabilising feet keep this little champ fixed to the workbench during operation and at maximum load it operates as silently as a sleeping princess. Both models are equipped with an electronic safety brake that protects users from opening the lid while the rotor is spinning. The variable speed model (CR-68X) also features a bright digital display panel with a timer and digital calibration.

CAPPRondo Mini PCR Centrifuge 15.000 rpm

For diagnostic laboratories that often need to spin down samples at higher speeds, the CAPPRondo Mini PCR Centrifuge 15.000 rpm is your go to device. This intuitive microcentrifuge backs its modern petite aesthetic with a high performance, maintenance free drive. It also features an advanced lid-lock braking system, imbalance detection feature and a 12-slot aluminium rotor with a screw-on metal lid for safety and longevity. Reducing adaptors for spinning smaller tubes are supplied with the instrument and an optional strip rotor is also available.

The CAPPRondo Mini PCR Centrifuge 15000 rpm has a large, accessible back-lit LCD display that shows all key operating parameters without a fuss. The smart internal memory allows operators with routine spinning programmes to save time by using the “last run” feature to quickly spin down their tubes. Further to this, the CAPPRondo Mini PCR Centrifuge 15000 rpm also offers enhanced connectivity, enabling remote operation from a computer. With this unique feature, users can conveniently save run records in an Excel file for easy referencing.

CAPPRondo Refrigerated PCR Centrifuge 17.000 rpm

For top-of-the-range features and functionality, look no further than the CAPPRondo Refrigerated PCR Centrifuge 17.000 rpm. This tiny device is a beast with no equal, and you will love it the moment you try it. Whether you need a microcentrifuge for alcohol precipitation, phenol extraction, nucleic acid preparation, temperature sensitive applications – you name it, the CAPPRondo Refrigerated PCR Centrifuge 17.000 rpm will do whatever spinning task you require of it.
This refrigerated PCR centrifuge has a Teflon-coated, rust proof chamber that can cool down samples to 4°C in just 5 minutes. A compressor-off feature preserves the lifespan of the compressor by preventing unnecessary refrigeration while the lid is open. The CAPPRondo Refrigerated PCR Centrifuge 17.000 rpm offers multiple rotor configurations including 18, 24 and 30-slot options.  This PCR centrifuge is designed to fulfil the needs of the most demanding PCR laboratory without breaking a sweat!

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