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Nunc® immuno washer now available as CappWash

The former Nunc® immuno washer is now available as CappWash. Nunc® immuno wash 12 has been known under the catalogue number 470175 and is now available as CappWash W-12. The same applies for the Nunc® immuno wash 8, known as 470174, which is now provided by Capp as W-8.

Capp has been the supplier of nunc® immuno washer for many years and wishes to continue servicing its customers. The former Nunc® immuno wash 12 and 8 is ideal for small scale work, providing great independence from department washers. The former Nunc® immuno wash 8 and 12 can now be ordered as CappWash worldwide. Contact us for a free testing unit.*

*Nunc ® is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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