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New Self-Standing 50mL Centrifuge Tubes from Capp

Capp introduces 50mL self-standing sterile centrifuge tubes, enriching its portfolio of BluCapp centrifuge tubes and following Capp’s strict quality requirements.

Features and benefits

The new 50mL BluCapp self-standing centrifuge tubes have conical bottom for easier sample recovery and are skirted for self-standing. They offer clearly visible volume markings and 3/4th turn closure, significantly improving swift, one-handed operation. Designed to cover lab’s everyday need for sample storage and centrifugation, 50mL BluCapp self-standing centrifuge tubes provide a large writing area and comesterile, in bags of 25pcs.

Ordering info:

5100060C BluCapp 50ml, bulk, sterile, self-standing, 20x25pcs.