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New product launch by Capp – CappRondo Minicentrifuge

Benchtop instruments have never been so elegant! Following the successful launch of CappRondo Microcentrifuge, Capp introduces its new Minicentrifuge, belonging to the uniquely elegant red CappRondo Benchtop Line.

Features and benefits
Apart from the refreshing red color, CappRondo Minicentrifuge features a unique airflow design, ensuring lesser heat and noise generation. Its large LCD display and intuitive interface make the operation as easy as never before! The unique electronic break system prevents the lid from opening under full operation, offering increased user safety compared to other brands. Designed to cover lab’s everyday need for sample storage and centrifugation, 50mL BluCapp self-standing centrifuge tubes provide a large writing area and come sterile, in bags of 25pcs.

Ordering info:
CR-1512  Capp Rondo Minicentrifuge 15000rpm/15600g, for 12x  1.5-2.0ml tubes