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New and Improved: CAPPRondo microcentrifuges

The new and improved CAPPRondo CR68 fixed speed and CAPPRondo CR68X variable speed microcentrifuges are designed to offer exceptional performance when spinning down samples in life science labs. With new innovations designed to showcase the best of German craftsmanship, the latest iterations of these legendary CAPP microcentrifuges will give you best-in-class performance. In this article, we’ll give you a lowdown on why you’ll love the latest versions of these beautiful red microcentrifuges.

Portable Microcentrifuges

With the CAPPRondo CR68 and CAPPRondo CR68X microcentrifuges, you don’t have to trade powerful performance for portable size as other brands would have you believe. Both of these powerful microcentrifuges pack a ton of power into a petite package of only 162 x 157 x 116 mm that fits in the tightest spaces on workbenches or in hoods and cabinets. The light weight of only 1.1 kg makes both CAPPRondo microcentrifuge variants easy to move from one location to another without breaking a sweat.

Microcentrifuge with Intuitive Controls

The latest refresh to the fixed speed CAPPRondo CR68 microcentrifuge trades the non-functional display for an elegant, clean look. With its fixed speed motor, the CAPPRondo CR68 microcentrifuge can be started and stopped by simply closing and opening the lid respectively. For operator safety, CAPPRondo microcentrifuges feature an electronic safety brake that stops the rotor as soon as the lid is opened. A conveniently located power switch with a highly satisfying tactile feel sums up the simple control interface of the CAPPRondo CR68 microcentrifuge.

On the other hand, the variable speed CAPPRondo CR68X features a large digital display that is bright and easy to read. The beautiful digital display of the CAPPRondo CR68X shows both the spin speed and run time, keeping the operator in full-control at all times. Both the spin speed and time can be adjusted using the intuitive knobs at the side of the CAPPRondo CR68X variable speed microcentrifuge. The CAPPRondo CR68X microcentrifuge also features a digital calibration function to keep the device well optimized at all times.

Microcentrifuge with a Powerful Motor Performance

Both the CAPPRondo CR68 and CAPPRondo CR68X microcentrifuges are powered by high efficiency motors that deliver quiet and outstanding performance. Donning a fixed speed DC motor, the CAPPRondo CR68 microcentrifuge spins samples at a constant 6000 rpm (2000 x g, MAX RCF). The CAPPRondo CR68 would be great as a dedicated workstation microcentrifuge for repeat tasks that require only one speed setting.

The advanced CAPPRondo CR68X microcentrifuge features a brushless DC motor designed for long-lasting, maintenance-free performance. With its variable speed motor, the CAPPRondo CR68X microcentrifuge offers spin speeds ranging from 2000 rpm to 6000 rpm (2000 x g, MAX RCF) with fine-tuned accuracy (±25 rpm). The brushless design of the CAPPRondo CR68X microcentrifuge motor makes it virtually maintenance-free, giving you even more uptime for all your centrifugation needs.

Microcentrifuges with Exchangeable Rotors

Continuing from the previous versions of CAPPRondo CR68 and CR68X microcentrifuges, the latest models feature exchangeable rotors. This allows researchers the flexibility of spinning microtubes, PCR tubes and PCR strips. The standard 8-place microcentrifuge rotor accommodates 1.5mL and 2.0mL microtubes, with reduction adaptors available for smaller 0.2mL/0.4mL microcentrifuge tubes. The PCR strip rotor for CAPPRondo microcentrifuges can accommodate two 8-tube PCR strips or 16 individual PCR tubes. An automatic imbalance cut-off feature on the CAPPRondo CR68X microcentrifuge alerts the operator of any uneven loading of sample tubes.

New Magnetic Rotor Attachment

For quicker and easier rotor exchange, the latest iterations of CAPPRondo microcentrifuges feature magnetic rotor attachments. Both the standard and PCR rotors feature strong magnets that keep the rotor securely attached to the motor shaft of the microcentrifuges during operation. This innovative rotor design provides a tool-free mechanism for swapping out microcentrifuge rotors for even faster workflows. Additionally, this tool-free design approach drastically reduces the chances of damaging the microcentrifuge rotors.

Order your CAPPRondo Microcentrifuge today!

If you would like to try out either the CAPPRondo CR68 or the CAPPRondo CR68X microcentrifuges, you can order a free sample simply by clicking here. We will provide you a trial unit through our global network of distributors. Your satisfaction will start at the very simple and elegant packaging featuring a single sticker with all the product information. The real excitement lies within the box and that’s a story only you can tell, so what are you waiting for? Click here to order your CAPPRondo microcentrifuge today!

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