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Dispense problematic media safely and comfortably with CAPPForte Media Dispenser

Dispensing crystallizing, viscous, foaming or vaporing liquids? Try CAPPForte media dispenser!

Based on the positive displacement principle, where the tightly fitting piston wipes the walls of the glass-cylinder, removing the liquid completely, CAPPForte media dispenser is ideal for media, considered problematic to handle.

Dispensing acids, solvents or bases? Made of highly chemical resistant materials, such as PTFE, PFA, Borosilicate and Platinum, CAPPForte media dispenser will be the ideal choice for handling agressive and corrosive chemicals.

Working with sterile applications? Autoclavable at 121° C / 250° F, CAPPForte is made to be sterilized.

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Bottle Top Dispenser 3

Universal scope of application

can be used for processing acids, solvents and bases on standard and sterile applications.


Ideal for liquids difficult to handle

such as crystallizing, viscous liquids, foaming or vaporing liquids.


Positive displacement principle

where the tightly fitting piston wipes the walls of the glass-cylinder, removing the liquid completely.


Extremely user-friendly

No cuts, no splashes with CAPPForte media dispenser

The dispensing function can be disabled by locking the 3-way-valve inadvertent, which prevents an unintentional reagent flow.
In case of a glass break, the transparent plastic sleeve protects the user from cuts and splashes.
The drip-free discharge tube holder prevents tubing from moving.
In addition, the system can be evacuated without removing the unit from the bottle.

On the top of that CAPPForte media dispenser has a smart rapid prime system, which channels the reagent back into the bottle, eliminating reagent waste and increasing user safety.

CAPPForte - Safe and Comfortable Media Dispenser

CAPPForte media dispenser is extremely user-friendly thanks to the slide-and-lock volume setting button. Both right and left-handed users can quickly and accurately set up the desired volume. The bottle label is visible at any time thanks to the turnable discharge tube. The telescope intake tube is easily adjustable, fitting reagent bottles without cutting. Three PP-adapters for the most common bottle sizes are supplied with the instrument.

Reduced cost and downtime with CAPPForte media dispenser

CAPPForte media dispenser has a modular design, which enables easy and cost-effective service and repair, extending the lifetime of the instrument.