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Maxxline Cryopreservation

Maxxline cryopreservation solutions

When working with cryogenic samples, only the best quality counts and that is why we have meticulously crafted our best cryopreservation solutions yet. Maxxline cryovials and cryoboxes are manufactured from premium quality materials to offer excellent value and the outstanding user experience that our customers have become accustomed to. This blog post will give you an overview of the excellent features that we have designed into our cryopreservation solutions for your laboratory.

Maxxline cryovials
Maxxline cryovials are robust specimen tubes for cryogenic storage and are conform to the IATA requirements for the transport of diagnostic specimens. Manufactured from a specially formulated blend of polypropylene, Maxxline cryovials have a broad thermal range allowing sample storage in the vapour phase of liquid nitrogen. Both the cap and the vial are made of the same fail proof materials to ensure no sample loss.
The slim design of Maxxline cryovials offers great storage efficiency. When used with Maxxline 10×10 cryoboxes, the streamlined design increases storage capacity by up to 23%. An innovative external thread design allows for convenient one-handed closure with only half a turn of the cap. Maxxline cryovials also feature a star-foot bottom that locks to the base of 10×10 cryoboxes, making it possible to open the vials with one hand when stored in the box.
Maxxline cryovials are supplied in a range of volume capacities to cater to diverse sample types (0.5 mL, 1.0 mL, 2.0 mL, and 4.0 mL up to 5.0 mL). All Maxxline cryovials are designed for maximum compatibility with both Maxxline 9×9 and Maxxline 10×10 cryoboxes.

Maxxline cryovials with barcodes
If your laboratory has well thought out sample sorting and categorisation processes, Maxxline cryovials with barcodes have you covered. The same premium quality cryovials may be ordered with a barcode system that is completely customisable to suit the unique needs of each laboratory. The barcode system enables quick, accurate and efficient sample identification with minimum error rates. Maxxline cryovials with barcodes are perfect for automation-ready laboratories and those requiring better sample processing efficiency.

Maxxline cryoboxes
Storing cryogenic vials can be a nightmare especially when working on multiple specimens with limited storage space in your freezers. Maxxline cryoboxes offer storage solutions that cater to both the standard (9×9) and space restricted (10×10) market segments. Read on to discover for yourself the excellent features packed into these colourful plastic boxes.

Maxxline 9×9 cryoboxes
The standard Maxxline 9×9 cryoboxes have a square footprint (130mm x 130mm) that is designed to provide spacious storage for up to 81 cryogenic vials. The well-crafted 9×9 grid is designed for maximum compatibility with Maxxline cryovials and it is cross compatible with comparable products from other brands. The 9×9 cryoboxes are supplied in a range of heights (50mm, 80mm or 90mm) to accommodate a variety of cryovial tube lengths.
Maxxline 9×9 cryoboxes are constructed from premium quality, virgin polypropylene to provide long-term, reliable service for all our customers. The robust material construction of each Maxxline cryobox allows for thermal stability over a broad range of temperatures (-150°C to +121°C). This means that they can be autoclaved and subjected to freezing temperatures without falling apart.
Customers will enjoy the smart closing indication on the Maxxline 9×9 cryoboxes as well as the fast and easy handling that they offer. Each 9×9 cryobox also features a graduated alphanumeric code for better sample organization. Maxxline 9×9 cryoboxes are ideal for the budget constrained laboratory that does not want to compromise on quality.

Maxxline 10×10 cryoboxes
The space efficient Maxxline 10×10 cryoboxes pack all the best features of the standard (9×9) cryoboxes and more, without increasing the footprint. Each Maxxline 10×10 cryobox accommodates up to 100 slim Maxxline cryovials, translating to a 23% increase in storage space.
Maxxline 10×10 cryoboxes also feature better thermal stability as they can withstand temperatures as low as -150°C. A star-foot lock at the bottom enables single-handed opening and closing of sample vials. Slanted edges likewise aid in quick and accurate closing of cryovials stored in Maxxline 10×10 cryoboxes. Customers with space-constrained laboratories would find Maxxline 10×10 cryoboxes to be a perfect solution for storing cryovials. They are also great for laboratories requiring ultra-low temperatures cryogenic storage.
The features of both Maxxline 9×9 and 10×10 cryoboxes are summarised in the table below:

FeatureMaxxline 9×9 cryoboxMaxxline 10×10 cryobox
Grid9×9 square dividers10×10 square dividers (with vial lock system)
Storage capacity81 cryogenic vials100 cryogenic vials
Material constructionPremium quality polypropylenePremium quality polypropylene
Footprint130mm x 130mm130mm x 130mm
Box height50mm, 80mm or 90mm32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 80mm or 90mm
ColoursNature, red, blue, green or yellowNature, red, blue, green or yellow
Thermal range-150°C to +121°C (autoclavable)-150°C to +121°C (autoclavable)
Sample sortingAlpha-numeric system on top and bottomAlpha-numeric system on top and bottom
Extras– One handed opening and closing of sample vials
– Slanted edges for quick and accurate closing

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