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Laboratory mixing equipment

Choose the right laboratory mixing equipment for your lab

CAPPRondo laboratory mixing equipmentLaboratory mixing equipment is commonly used all over the world, as mixing is one of the basic processes in a lab. Mixing is a process of converting heterogeneous substances, which are distinctly nonuniform in some of their physical characteristics into one, homogeneous substance, that is uniform in its composition.

The application scope of laboratory mixing equipment

Examples of applications conducted on laboratory mixing equipment are dissolving – passing substances into solution,  emulsifying – forming an emulsion out of liquids or homogenizing – forming an emulsion by reducing the size of the fat globules in order to distribute them equally throughout.

Types of laboratory mixing equipment

CappRondo laboratory mixing equipment offers multiple options:

Magnetic stirrer CRS-15X, which is a motorless kind of laboratory mixing equipment. It rotates the solution with the use of a magnetic field which moves the Teflon-coated stirrer bar of the size of a bigger pill. The stirring bar is placed in the liquid and causes a vortex in the solution. This type of laboratory mixing equipment is suitable for small volumes (up to 800 mL) of non-viscous liquids.

Vortex mixer CRV-45X is a small and simple piece of laboratory mixing equipment, consisting of an electronic motor which rapidly oscillates the silicone upper part in a circular motion. Upon pressing the test vial into the rubber, the motion is transmitted to the liquid inside the vial and a vortex is created. This kind of laboratory mixing equipment is commonly used in bioscience laboratories. CappRondo vortex mixer can also be used in cell culture and microbiology laboratories to suspend cells. In a biochemical or analytical environment, vortex laboratory mixing equipment may be used to mix the reagents of an assay or to mix an experimental sample and a dilutant.

CappRondo microplate shaker microtiter plate shaker orbital plate shaker

Single plate shaker CRP-18X and 4-plate shaker CRP-412X are laboratory mixing equipment mainly used in chemical and biological labs. The shakers have an oscillating board on which the microplates can be attached, ensuring  simultaneous agitation of multiple solutions.

tube rotator CappRondo tube rotator Capp Rondo tube rotator

Tube rotator CRR-08X is a kind of laboratory mixing equipment suitable for clinical and analytical labs. It’s major application is prevention of blood coagulation, but it can be used by a range of other applications such as immune precipitations or latex diagnostics.

CappRondo laboratory mixing equipment is available worldwide through a network of Capp distributors. Contact us to receive more information or test CappRondo laboratory mixing equipment.

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