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FREE 16-channel pipette from Capp

Take advantage of Capp’s unique promotion, valid from the 1st November till 31st December 2016!

Being a market’s leader in manual pipetting within the 384 well format range, Capp is now gratifying each customer buying a minimum of 1 case of ExpellPlus384 tips with a free 16-channel pipette (volume range free of choice).


Find out more about CappAero384 pipettes and ExpellPlus384 tips


C02-16Capp multi pipettes, 16-channel, 0.2-2 ul
C10-16Capp multi pipettes, 16-channel, 0.5-10 ul
C50-16Capp multi pipettes, 16-channel, 5-50 ul
5030005CExpellPlus 0.2-50ul, long, racked, sterile (5x10x384 = 1 case)
5030006CExpellPlus 0.2-50ul, long, racked, sterile, filtered (5x10x384 = 1 case)