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ELISA Washer Workflow

Experience one of the best manual ELISA plate washer workflow with CAPPTronic and CAPPWash

The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is one of the mainstays of diagnostic laboratories owing to its high sensitivity in diagnostic applications. The power of ELISA lies in the ability of scientists to leverage high-affinity antibodies with specific targets and to wash away unbound protein targets. ELISA plate washers are instruments created to address the need for effective washing, a fundamental step to any successful ELISA.

Affordable Manual ELISA Plate Washers

Most laboratories running ELISA require one or more high-efficiency ELISA washers for quicker processing of 8-strip tubes or 96- and 384-well plate formats. While automatic ELISA plate washers may be convenient, the prohibitive cost of purchase makes the decision to procure one difficult to justify for small labs that may not need an automated ELISA washer station. CAPPTronic electronic pipettes and CAPPWash manual ELISA plate washers offer an economic alternative to automated ELISA washers without sacrificing quality.

CAPPTronic: Excellent value electronic ELISA Plate Washer pipettes

Multichannel pipettes have been used as low-cost, low-tech manual ELISA plate washers for decades. CAPPTronic electronic pipettes take the manual ELISA plate washer experience to a whole new level. With an electronically controlled stepper motor that offers buttery-smooth, point-perfect aspiration and dispensing, the CAPPTronic electronic pipette is the dream device for ELISA plate washer aficionados that prefer precision over speed. Long-lasting rechargeable lithium batteries allow CAPPTronic electronic pipettes to be used as ELISA washers for extended periods, giving manual pipettes a good run for their money.

CAPPWash: The ELISA Washer that keeps you in charge

Stepping up from the excellent value offered by the CAPPTronic electronic pipette as an ELISA plate washer is the powerful but unassuming CAPPWash manual ELISA plate washer. This is the one ELISA plate washer designed to fit the budget of any laboratory, big or small without sacrificing quality or performance. Crafted from high-grade stainless steel and polypropylene, the robust CAPPWash manual ELISA plate washer offers great resistance to aggressive chemicals and is fully autoclavable.

One of the most intuitive Manual ELISA Plate Washers?

The CAPPWash manual ELISA plate washer is so simple to set up that anyone can do it! There is no need to mess around with complex programming or confusing electrical connections as this ELISA washer will be ready when you are. The washing process is as simple as lowering the tubes of the manual ELISA plate washer into plate wells, pushing a knob to deliver the wash solution, and releasing it to remove the wash solution. With the CAPPWash ELISA washer, it is as simple as press-release-repeat as you cycle through the wells of each microplate, and anyone can do it within five minutes of setting up a wash station!

ELISA Washer with multiple configurations

The CAPPWash manual ELISA plate washer is supplied in a broad range of configurations that are low-cost and tailored for specific usage scenarios. The 8-channel version of the CAPPWash manual ELISA plate washer allows users to wash both 8-strip tubes and 96-well plates (along the short edge). The 12-channel ELISA washer allows faster processing of 96-well plates by allowing users to wash wells along the long edge of each plate. For 384-well applications, the 16-channel CAPPWash manual ELISA plate washer is the perfect multi-sample ELISA washer. Although not an ELISA washer, the 6-channel CAPP TubeWash will keep your test tubes spotless and in an immaculate condition.

Vacuum-ready ELISA Washer

The CAPPWash ELISA washer is available as a standalone unit or it can be ordered as a set depending on the available lab infrastructure. For the best performance, we recommend using the CAPPWash manual ELISA plate washer with the high-performance CAPP vacuum pump available in 115V and 230V variants. When used with the CAPP vacuum pump, the CAPPWash manual ELISA plate washer provides enhanced performance that allows scientists to speed up their workflow without sacrificing quality. Both the ELISA washer and the vacuum source provide just enough suction power to remove the wash solution for perfect wash cycles every time.

Try Manual ELISA Plate Washer out today

Whether you prefer the unparalleled satisfaction of holding a micropipette and using it as an ELISA washer or the speed and convenience of a dedicated manual ELISA plate washer, CAPP has you covered. Both the excellent CAPPtronic electronic ELISA plate washer pipettes and the CAPPWash manual ELISA plate washer are available for order through our global network of laboratory suppliers. You do not have to spend a fortune to enjoy the benefits of having a high-quality, long-lasting ELISA plate washer solution for your laboratory. Request a free trial CAPPTronic electronic Multichannel Pipette OR try out the CAPPWash ELISA Plate washer through our global distributor network. CAPP, truly accurate! Truly robust!

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