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Discounted PCR & Cell Culture Starterkits

From 1st April till 30th June 2016, Capp is running 2 Start Up Your Lab promotions:

Campaign 1: Discounted PCR Lab StarterKit containing:

• 1 variable speed microcentrifuge (CR-68X)
• 1 vortex mixer (CRV-45X)
• 1 case of 1.5mL microcentrifuge tubes, 10.000pcs. (5101500C)
• 1 set of single channel variable volume pipettes (0.5-10µl, 10-100µl, 100-1000µl)
• 1 8-channel pipette 0.5-10µl, 1 pipette stand for up to 5 pipettes (C-05)
• 1 case of 10µl filter tips, 50x96pcs. (5030030C)
• 1 case of 100µl filter tps, 50x96pcs. (5130066C),
• 1 case of 1000µl filter tips, 32x96pcs. (5130150C)

For price information write *Campaign ref. 2016-02A* at 

Campaing 2: Discounted CELL CULTURE Lab StarterKit containing:

• 2 cases of 5mL serological pipettes, total of 400pcs. (SP-5-C),
• 2 cases of 10mL serological pipettes, total of 400pcs. (SP-10-C)
• 1 case of 25mL serological pipettes, 150pcs. (SP-25-C),
• 2 cases of 15mL centrifuge tubes, total 1.000pcs. (5100015C)
• 2 cases of 50mL centrifuge tubes, total 1.000pcs. (5100050C)
• 1 CappTempo electronic pipette controller (T100-R) OR 1 CappController electronic pipette controller (PA-100)

For price information write *Campaign ref. 2016-02B* at