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Did you know CAPP offers these consumables?

Two different types of 10 µL XL tips

Two different types of 10 µL XL tips

CAPP is among the few high quality pipette tip manufacturers offering two different designs of 10µL XL tips to accommodate different user's needs. Firstly, the 10µL XL extra narrow, which is perfectly suited for sensitive liquid handling on PCR applications due to its very narrow orifice. Secondly, the standard design, also called "Eppendorf style", has a slightly wider orifice and a design widely accepted among Eppendorf pipette users. CAPP Expell (standard) and ExpellPlus (low retention) 10µL XL tips are made from virgin polypropylene in high quality Swiss made injection moulds. Every 10µL XL tip features excellent visual clarity coupled with accurate graduation marks to guarantee that you are always in control of the pipetting experience. 

Individually wrapped and sterile

CAPP offers the ExpellPlus sterile, individually wrapped tips with batch number and expiration date printed on each package. Ideal for use in the cell technology, medical or pharmaceutical industries, these tips are free from Endotoxin, DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitor, assuring the greatest purity standards.

A wide range of PCR plates

Did you know we’ve increased our portfolio of PCR plates? Capp Expell PCR plates are designed to suit the diverse requirements of multi-sample PCR. Manufactured with a tailored design using unique high-quality polypropylene, all our PCR plates ensure thermal efficiency, minimal condensation and total sample recovery. More Information on our PCR Protocol here. Customers have the option of clear, frosted or white plates in non-skirted, sub-skirted or fully skirted designs to suit the most common thermocycler blocks and real time PCR devices.

Cryovials that provide 23% more storage space

CAPP Expell Cryotubes are amongst the best cryovials on the market today. They boast of so many practical features that make storage of biological samples a breeze – no pun intended! The trademarked SuperStraight™ design of Capp Expell Cryotubes increases their storage capacity by a remarkable 23% as it allows an external thread cryotube to be used along with 10×10 cryoboxes. The leak-proof QuickSeal™ caps are designed for ensure one-handed operation, allowing you to close the tube with only half a turn, while most of the other tubes require at least a full turn. Other great features include coloured cap inserts for rapid visual identification of samples, a red line indicator denoting maximum filling levels for storage in liquid nitrogen.

ExpellSecure black microcentrifuge tubes for light-sensitive samples

The light impermeable ExpellSecure black microcentrifuge tubes block out any light that may destroy photosensitive fluorescent or ethidium bromide probes. These special microcentrifuge tubes are made from high-grade, completely opaque polypropylene. This negates the need for using ineffective amber tubes, wrapping clear tubes in tin foil or other similar contraptions that fail to completely exclude light from the photo-sensitive contents. Speed up your workflow without reducing accuracy by using the completely opaque ExpellSecure black microcentrifuge tubes.