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COVID-19 CAPP Product Portfolio for RT-PCR qPCR

RT-PCR is the gold-standard testing platform for viruses because of its high sensitivity and precision. CAPP offers a wide range of consumables that can be used to support the qPCR diagnostic assay related to COVID-19. Let's have a look!

Filter Pipette Tips

Whether you are performing RNA extraction or preparing your PCR mixture, the use of Filter Tips to avoid cross contamination is a must when it comes to the COVID-19 qPCR diagnostic assay:
Expell – very high quality and cost effective filter tips available in all sizes from 0.1-10µL up to 50-1250µL. Supplied in user friendly dispenser boxes, CAPP Expell filter tips save up a lot of bench top space and are compatible to the great majority of pipettes available in the market.

ExpellPlus – superior quality Filter Tips, produced with a low retention polymer which ensures extremely high precision even when pipetting the smallest amount of reagent. 0.1-10µL available in 3 different design formats: short, XL and XL extra narrow for different types of applications.

RT-PCR (qPCR) microplates

Expell – cost effective plates with proven reproducibility, available as low profile (0,1mL) and regular profile (0,2mL) and different formats.
ExpellPlus – superior quality PCR plates produced with low binding polymer, flexible plastic for comfortable handling and special wall design that reduces the evaporation rate.

Our qPCR microplates come in formats of 96 wells and 384 wells and in various types of skirts.

With the wide range of qPCR microplates that CAPP offers, you can be almost certain to find a plate suitable to your RT-PCR instrument. Please contact your Area Manager to schedule a webinar for more detailed information.