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CappRondo Table Top Centrifuge

Table Top Centrifuge for multiple applications

The new high-speed table top centrifuge of Capp works at a speed ranging from 500 to 4.000 RPM/2.272g with a speed setting interval of 10 RPM. This smart and compact tabletop centrifuge offers 3 optional rotors: a swing-out rotor, accomodating 6x10mL tubes and two fixed angle rotors for 8x15mL or 16x10mL tubes. Multiple tube adaptors for 2mL, 3mL, 4mL, 6mL and 9mL tubes are being provided along with CappRondo tabletop centrifuge.

The technology behind CappRondo Table Top Centrifuge

Newest technology has been used for its motor – the so called BLDC (Brushless DC) motor is as good as maintenance free and ideal for long runs, providing at the same time stable and quiet operation, also at the maximum speed.
CappRondo table top centrifuge is equipped with a safety lid brake, preventing the lid from opening under operation and significantly increasing user safety.
The compact design and low loading height of Capp’s new tabletop centrifuge enable easy and efficient operation. The short spin function of Capp’s new table top centrifuge can be accessed by a single touch on the operational panel and up to 99 individual protocols can be saved on the instrument.  Contact us to try out CappRondo table top centrifuge free of charge worldwide.

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