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CappRondo Cooling Centrifuge

Capp introduces CappRondo Cooling Centrifuge

The new CappRondo cooling centrifuge can reach up to 17.000 rotations per minute and has a rotor option for up to 30 microtubes.
It cools down the samples to the temperature of 4°C in just 5 minutes. Cellular and molecular applications, such as ethanol precipitation, phenol extraction, NA preparation, cell collection or spin-down of temperature sensitive reaction mixtures, can all be comfortably conducted on Capp’s new cooling centrifuge.

Multiple rotor options are available.

Standard 1.5mL and 2.0mL microtubes can be accomodated either in a 24- or 30-place rotor. Both rotors have an angle of 45 degrees, hole diameter of 11.1mm and can fit tubes up to 52mm in height.

For the 1.5mL and 2.0mL microfilter tubes, CappRondo cooling centrifuge offers an 18-place rotor, fitting tubes up to 65mm in height. Multiple further rotors, such as PCR or drum rotor are available for Capp’s new cooling centrifuge.
Follow the link to see an overview of all CappRondo cooling centrifuge rotors.

The temperature range of Capp cooling centrifuge is from -20°C to 40°C. The centrifuge has a rust-free and Teflon-coated chamber and the compressor-off function prevents from unnecessary cooling and frosting while the lid is open.

CappRondo cooling centrifuge operates in a quiet and stable way, keeping the noise level at only 56 dB. The parameters can be changed upon operation unless the Key Lock Function is activated. Contact us to arrange a free demonstration worldwide

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